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Global Liquefied Natural Gas Monitor (GLNG) is NewsBase’s weekly report covering the global LNG sector. Launched in 2008, GLNG delivers detailed news and intelligence, as well as expert analysis and commentary, on the latest developments in the global LNG business. Its coverage includes government policy, project developments, investment decisions, shipping news and pricing.  

With significant investment going into export projects in the US, Australia and across Asia-Pacific and continued concerns about gas imports into Europe and Asia, LNG is expanding as a major sector of the global gas market that has attracted super-majors and independent companies alike.

With this in mind, success can be lost or guaranteed on the basis of accurate and timely information. GLNG offers readers a macro-view of international LNG news, divided by global region. GLNG is published on Thursdays and also incorporates an extensive News in Brief section. This includes detailed and up-to-date information as it breaks, from various sources across the world.

GLNG customers include major power companies, investment banks, consultancies, government agencies, law firms, accountancies, academics and economists. Its scope includes news and intelligence, broken down by geographic area to include Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. 

NewsBase is also completely independent. Our commentary, analysis and insight are exclusive to NewsBase customers and are not syndicated to any third party.

What, Why and What Next?

  • Geopolitics and Markets – With potential shale gas exports to Europe and Asia dominating energy policy in the US and the Ukrainian crisis concentrating minds in Europe on future energy security, GLNG offers insights into the political influences on global gas trading. It also examines the continued fragmented nature of the gas market and considers how the current wide pricing differentials will develop.
  • Interviews and Profiles – GLNG offers insightful and illuminating interviews with leading gas sector personalities, and offers detailed profiles of individual projects, companies and countries.
  • Projects & Companies – GLNG covers what drives the corporate strategy, investment decisions and M&A activity of major global energy players, independent operators and start-ups, and forecasts how strategy could change in the future.
  • News in Brief – GLNG includes an extensive variety of local and international press coverage from web, print and corporate sources, pertinent to all the aforementioned industries and sorted by geographic region. Our readers find this an excellent and condensed way of browsing developing and smaller stories, or shortened versions of the week’s events within the sector.

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