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MEOG: TBNC to boost gas output

Turkey’s leading private natural gas producer unveiled plans last week to begin drilling operations for five new wells in Tekirdag, situated in the East Thrace region, and Silivri in the Sea of Marmara.

Thrace Basin Natural Gas Corp. (TBNG) currently delivers 250,000 cubic metres per day of natural gas by pipeline to companies in the Tekirdag region, contributing significantly to local energy needs.

With a robust track record of 3.5bn cubic metres of natural gas production in Turkey during the past four decades, TBNG is poised to elevate its operations further. The company aims to expand its monthly production by 25% through the drilling of the new wells in Tekirdag and Silivri, according to an official company statement.

Sinan Furat, CEO of TBNG, stressed the importance of tapping into Turkey’s abundant hydrocarbon resources for consumption. He urged swift action from decision-makers to address extension periods for existing licences and expedite new licence requests, positioning Turkey to benefit from its natural resources.

Furat expressed pride in TBNG’s role in enhancing energy security and reducing the country’s dependence on energy imports. The introduction of the new wells signifies the utilisation of national natural gas, an expansion in Thrace field capacity, and the discovery of additional reserves across the Thrace region.