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NewsBase’s Middle East Oil & Gas Monitor (MEOG) provides commentary, analysis, market intelligence and news covering up- and midstream developments throughout the Middle East, which is home to most of the world’s oil and gas reserves.

With around 40% of the world’s oil supply coming from the Persian Gulf, in addition to exploration and production (E&P), MEOG’s coverage includes policy and transport issues which can cause price spikes in the global hydrocarbon markets.

NewsBase is also completely independent. Our commentary, analysis and insight are exclusive to NewsBase customers and are not syndicated to any third party.

In a region which has shown both extensive investment and increased instability over the past few years, MEOG merits a significant degree of technically minded and industry-focused coverage.

Published every Tuesday, MEOG offers insight into the latest developments in the oil and gas sectors of Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the UAE and Yemen. While much of the region has been extensively explored, there remain ‘frontier’ areas of E&P. Oil shale efforts in Jordan could provide vast resources through the greater cost effectiveness of new technologies. To the north-west, Beirut has grown increasingly impatient to follow the major gas discovery trend in the Eastern Med. and Lebanon’s first offshore bid round is likely to kick off drilling campaigns in the medium term.

What, Why and What Next?

  • Industry trends – Saudi Arabia continues to lead from the front as the world’s largest oil producer. However, recent efforts in Iraq and Iran are bullish for supplies. The advent of a rejuvenated Iranian oil sector would ruffle feathers in Riyadh; however, it remains heavily dependent on improved relations with the West. Breakthrough talks with the UN P5+1 in late 2013 gave reason for optimism, but a full Iranian oil recovery remains some way off.
    Syria and Yemen have seen their oil and gas sectors dilapidated by civil turmoil, while the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq continues to ramp up production, largely untouched by the attacks that have blighted Baghdad-controlled areas. Much of the Middle East’s hydrocarbon activities are located onshore, however, and exploration efforts offshore Oman and Yemen look to add to reserves. The former, like the UAE, was largely untouched by the Arab Spring, and has taken legal steps against those guilty of corruption, adding to sentiment that Muscat is creating one of the most attractive investment climates in the region.
  • Interviews & Country Profiles – Our editorial team is constantly looking for stories that cannot be found elsewhere amongst our competitors. We have interviewed leading industry figures and analysts, providing a unique and exclusive insight into the issues that matter. We also include “Country Profiles” offering multi-dimensional analysis on individual regions, from the broad perspective of political and policy news, to on-the-ground information on projects and production via our network of journalists and contributors throughout the region.
  • Projects & Companies – While MEOG details hydrocarbon company activity throughout the Middle East, it also contains information on tender announcements and awards, allowing our customers to be kept aware of what their competitors are up to as well as informing them of new opportunities.
  • Press – Our News in Brief section at the back of each issue also allows our customers to keep abreast of what the local press are saying in each region. Alongside local press cuttings, News in Brief also features press releases from companies operating throughout the Middle East.

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