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REM: World to miss goal of tripling renewables by 2030, says IEA

New analysis from the International Energy Agency (IEA) finds that countries will miss the COP28 goal of tripling global renewables capacity by 2030.

Official commitments in NDCs, or Nationally Determined Contributions, currently amount to 1,300 GW– just 12% of what is required to meet the global tripling objective set in Dubai.

This is according to the new report COP28 Tripling Renewable Capacity Pledge: Tracking countries’ ambitions and identifying policies to bridge the gap.

However, new country-by-country analysis by the IEA – covering nearly 150 countries worldwide – finds that governments’ domestic ambitions go much further, corresponding to almost 8,000 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2030.

This means that if countries were to include all their existing policies, plans and estimates in their new NDCs due next year – which will include revised ambitions for 2030 and new goals for 2035 – they would reflect 70% of what is needed by 2030 to reach the tripling goal, which corresponds to 11,000 GW of installed renewable capacity globally.