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Uzbekistan aims to ban disposable plastic products from 2026

Uzbekistan is planning to ban the import, sale and production of disposable plastic products from 2026. A draft law on the matter has been published for public discussion.

According to the text of the drafted bill, the measure would be aimed at protecting the environment by taking out of circulation plastic products with a short service life that cause long-term environmental damage as waste.

From July 1, 2026, it is proposed that the import, sale and manufacturing of disposable plastic products in environmental, health, recreational zones, as well as on the territory of objects of material and cultural significance, would be prohibited.

A fine of up to $900 would be imposed for violations.

In another drafted pro-environment move, economic entities that produce wastewater as a result of their activities will be fined if they are not connected to the sewer system and have no suitable cleaning equipment. Fines for violations in this sphere will range from $1,500 to $3,000 for citizens. Officials would face fines of up to $9,500.