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AfrElec’s covers coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the political and investment decisions needed to improve access to electricity for Africa’s expanding population.

Timely, accurate, on-the-ground news and analysis is vital to investors, developers, engineers and businesses, both regionally and internationally.

AfrElec will analyse key project, policy and investment issues and offers insight into what will come next in the power sector. It offers the latest commentary on the geopolitical framework, energy policy, tendering and investment – and assesses the risks inherent in working in the African business environment.

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French start-up Zembo secures $3.4mn investment into Uganda electric motorcycle business

16 November 2021

Consortium of investors has committed to investing $3.4mn to support growth of French start-up Zembo’s electric motorcycle business in the capital of Uganda.

Projects in Africa retire over 63mn voluntary carbon credits

16 November 2021

Over 63mn voluntary carbon credits have been retired by projects in African countries with forestry and land use activities accounting more than half of transactions.

Coal emerges down, but not out, from Glasgow

16 November 2021

The COP26 conference finished 26 hours late on November 13, with a last-minute intervention by India watering down the final agreement’s commitment on coal.

COP26 sectoral initiatives could close 2030 emissions gap by 9%

11 November 2021

An initial assessment by Climate Action Tracker of the impact of the Glasgow sectoral announcements for methane, coal, forests and transport show they would reduce the 2030 emissions gap between current government action and a 1.5C pathway by 9%.

AFrElec: UK funding to support developing cities and regions transition to net zero by 2050

11 November 2021

The UK government has announced GBP27.5mn ($37.1mn) of seed funding to support the UK Urban Climate Action Programme in a bid to tackle climate change and reduce emissions in cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Guterres stresses emissions, finance gaps still major barriers to 1.5C

11 November 2021

UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the COP26 summit that much work remains to be done to fill the emissions gap and the finance and adaptation gap, despite welcoming the agreements on forests, methane and coal made so far.

23 countries make zero-emissions vehicle pledge

10 November 2021

November 10 was Transport Day at COP26 in Scotland, and parts of the automotive industry had pledged to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2035 in leading markets and by 2040 across the globe.

First COP26 agreement lacks targets and detail

10 November 2021

COP26 has come up with a first draft agreement that calls on governments to improve substantially by the end of 2022 their emissions reduction targets and long-term strategies for reaching net zero.

COP26 still far from comprehensive agreement

10 November 2021

The first week of COP26 was dominated by grand statements by governments, and a number of sector-specific targets covering methane, coal and deforestation.

Development banks ADB, EBRD, EDB showcase climate-friendly capital at COP26

10 November 2021

The UN’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow has seen development banks from around the world come together to outline their contributions to a low-carbon future. Robust financial infrastructure is key to a just and efficient transition.

Savannah Energy makes first gas deliveries to FIPL Afam in Nigeria

10 November 2021

Savannah Energy, a UK-based independent active in Nigeria and Niger, says its Accugas subsidiary has started selling natural gas to FIPL Afam, a thermal power plant (TPP) owned by First Independent Power Ltd (FIPL) of Nigeria.

Offshore global wind spending to exceed oil and gas capex in key markets by 2030

10 November 2021

Offshore wind is closing the gap on oil and gas investments and is forecast to surpass them in “several key markets” by 2030, according to a new Rystad Energy analysis.

South Africa, India, Indonesia and the Philippines to receive $2.5bn to phase out coal

5 November 2021

South Africa, India, Indonesia and the Philippines are to receive up to $2.5bn of climate financing from the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds (CIF) in a bid to advance a just transition from coal power to clean energy in emerging economies.

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