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AfrElec’s covers coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the political and investment decisions needed to improve access to electricity for Africa’s expanding population.

Timely, accurate, on-the-ground news and analysis is vital to investors, developers, engineers and businesses, both regionally and internationally.

AfrElec will analyse key project, policy and investment issues and offers insight into what will come next in the power sector. It offers the latest commentary on the geopolitical framework, energy policy, tendering and investment – and assesses the risks inherent in working in the African business environment.

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African Energy Chamber to launch Hydrogen Summit at African Energy Week 2022

5 May 2022

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) has announced the launch of the Hydrogen Summit at the AEC’s annual conference, African Energy Week (AEW) in Cape Town in October 2022

Addis Ababa warns of increasing cyber-attacks targeting Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

5 May 2022

Ethiopian authorities claimed they had stopped international cyber-attack attempts targeting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the country's major financial institutions

World must unite to fight terrorism in Niger, says UN Secretary General

3 May 2022

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged the international community to help Niger fight jihadist insurgents threatening the government in Niamey, the country’s capital.

MiDA hands over 52MVA power substation to University of Ghana

2 May 2022

The UGMC Primary Substation was one of many infrastructural assets forming part of the ECG Financial and Operational Turnaround (EFOT) Project.

Coal expansion slows slightly in 2021, but far more is needed to meet net-zero targets.

28 April 2022

Total global coal power capacity under development declined by 13% in 2021 to 457 GW, a record low, with the number of countries building coal plants falling from 41 in 2020 to 34 in 2021.

Sun King raises $260mn in funding round for solar home systems in Africa and Asia

28 April 2022

Solar home system supplier Sun King has raised $260mn in series D funding to deliver off-grid energy technologies to more people across Africa and Asia.

USAID to host discussion on electrifying health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

28 April 2022

As part of US President Joe Biden’s catalytic global infrastructure initiative, announced at last year’s G7 Summit at Carbis Bay in the UK, USAID is to host a high-level leadership roundtable on the foundation of HETA

Sasol to sharpen focus on green hydrogen export plans as Europe looks for green energy

27 April 2022

South Africa’s Sasol is quickening the pace of its green hydrogen export plans in response to Europe’s anxious search for new energy sources in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

South African utility Eskom warns of system overload

27 April 2022

Eskom has urged the public to reduce the consumption of electricity, as the power system is severely constrained.

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