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Iran’s oil minister openly admits forging export documents to dodge US sanctions

25 September 2020

Tanker tracking companies, meanwhile, see September surge in Iranian crude shipments with one describing “levels we haven’t seen in a year and a half”.

Polish miners escalate protests as restructuring talks with government stall

24 September 2020

Warsaw has proposed that coal’s share in electricity generation will fall to 37-56% in 2030 and then to just 11-28% in 2040. Miners flatly reject the plan.

Europe gains ground in new generation of battery innovation

22 September 2020

Innovation in electric batteries is central to electromobility and the transition to the green economy, but European firms have so far lagged behind their peers from East Asia.

Lithuania's bullish Ignitis Grupe sets IPO price range valuing company at up to €2.1bn

21 September 2020

State-run energy group has set a price range of €22.5-€28 for its shares and global depository receipts for the upcoming IPO in Vilnius and London.

Sberbank starts taking climate risk seriously

18 September 2020

Russia’s Sberbank has set out its climate agenda, which aims to reduce the bank’s carbon footprint and put climate risk at the top of its investment strategy.

Turkey takes assertive role in Caucasus conflict

17 September 2020

The shift is motivated in part by energy considerations and in part by nationalist politics.

Warmer climate to have positive impact on Czech economy says Deloitte study

16 September 2020

Agriculture to suffer but other sectors would benefit, as temperatures in Czechia are set to continue rising faster than the global average.

EU’s relationship with Turkey has reached “watershed moment” says foreign policy chief Borrell

15 September 2020

Remarks to European Parliament come as bloc moves towards possible imposition of sanctions on Ankara over east Mediterranean drilling rights dispute.

Poland’s mining unions threaten strikes over decarbonisation plans

15 September 2020

Polish mines will go on strike unless a deal is reached over Poland’s path to reduce the use of coal in its power sector, the country’s powerful mining unions said on September 14.

Macron draws wrath of Erdogan after ‘attempt at driving wedge’ between Turkey’s people and leader

13 September 2020

Turkish president tells French counterpart “not to mess” with his country, adding “you’re going to have more problems with me”.

Poland plans concerted effort to build national photovoltaic industry

13 September 2020

Poland, which still produces over 70% of its electricity by burning climate-warming coal and lignite, has to build a cleaner energy mix in the coming decades.

Uzbekistan’s Bukhara refinery buys in Honeywell technology to help meet government’s oil and fuel ambitions

9 September 2020

Facility will produce cleaner-burning Euro 5 standard petrol and diesel. Mirziyoyev administration would like to see an end to fuel imports.

Poland pledges bold move away from coal

9 September 2020

Poland — one of the most emissions-intensive economies in Europe —wants to reduce coal’s share in the country’s energy mix to 37-56% in 2030 from the current figure of over 70%.

Climate change and the Russian economy

3 September 2020

Russia has signed off on the Paris Accord this year and has joined the global fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But it has only set itself modest targets and made modest progress.

UAE, UK, Omani firms mount court bid to retrieve Iranian fuel seized from tankers by US

2 September 2020

White House alleged cargoes were bound for sanctioned Venezuela. Companies claim they sold gasoline onwards to UAE-based Citi Energy FZC and that it was destined for Trinidad for sale to customers in Peru and Colombia.

Poland plans to curb electricity sales via power exchange to help coal industry

1 September 2020

Poland’s huge mining sector is inefficient and loss-making while EU climate regulations and the rise of renewable power are limiting demand for coal.

Bitcoin power consumption need not blow your brains—yet

29 August 2020

Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran make top 10 in electricity consumption index for digital currency mining industry.

International mediation mechanism for Armenia, Azerbaijan conflict “does not seem fit for purpose” says former co-chair

28 August 2020

Noting July skirmishes took place far from contested Nagorno Karabakh territory, former US diplomat says clashes “may have unleashed a dangerous new geopolitical dynamic” partly given their proximity to strategic oil and gas pipelines.

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