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Hungary rethinking Russian involvement in Paks NPP expansion

27 March 2023

Hungary is the only EU country where Rosatom is still involved in building a nuclear power plant, as it has been excluded from projects in Czechia, Bulgaria, and Finland after the invasion of Ukraine.

bneGREEN: Kosovo to raise share of renewable electricity to 35% in 2031

27 March 2023

Pristina aims to hike share of electricity from renewable resources from just 6.3% currently under new 2022-2031 energy strategy.

Denmark invites Nord Stream 2 operator to salvage object

26 March 2023

Denmark has invited the Russian-owned operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to help salvage an unidentified object that was found near the only string that was unaffected by sabotage attacks last September.

Iraq wins arbitration case against Kurdistan oil exports to Turkey

26 March 2023

Baghdad has long tried to stop the pipeline flows. Ankara said to be on the hook for $1.5bn compensation.

South Africa declares power emergency as rolling blackouts wreak havoc on economy

23 March 2023

South Africa declares a state of disaster as it grapples with a severe energy crisis that has far-reaching impacts on its economy and society. The country's coal-fired power plants, which generate 95% of its electricity, fail to provide enough power.

Xi, Putin meeting: “Loud thunder but few raindrops”

23 March 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping took his leave of Russian President Vladimir Putin from a two-day visit to Moscow with a smile on his face. But despite the important show of solidarity, Putin got little in concrete terms from the Chinese leader.

CEZ achieves record net income of CZK80.7bn in 2022

22 March 2023

Czech power group, which is 70% state-owned, said it could issue a record dividend of up to CZK117 a share.

Turkey bans airports from refuelling Boeings operated by Russian airlines

20 March 2023

Ahead of elections, Erdogan administration appears to be caving to some Western sanctions enforcement demands, perhaps fearing action that could hurt the Turkish economy prior to polling day.

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