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US steel company makes plans for nuclear fusion

27 September 2023

US steel company Nucor and Helion Energy plan to develop a 500-MWe nuclear fusion plant at one of Nucor’s steel manufacturing plants.

Clean energy growth keeps narrowing Paris goal open – for now

27 September 2023

The path to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C has narrowed, but clean energy growth is keeping it open, says the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Europe’s toxic air – “severe public health crisis”

27 September 2023

Europe faces a “severe public health crisis” with dangerous levels of pollution across the continent, according to an investigation by the Guardian newspaper.

Microsoft mulling advanced nuclear strategy

27 September 2023

Tech giant Microsoft is getting more heavily into small-scale advanced nuclear power for its data centres.

North Macedonia announces debut green bond issue

27 September 2023

Money raised to be used by Energy Efficiency Fund to finance projects focused on environmental protection.

PANNIER: Climate change brings neverending energy crisis to Kyrgyzstan

27 September 2023

Drought and melted glaciers mean a lack of water for hydro-electricity generation and the last-resort use of more dirty coal to provide power.

Earth’s energy imbalance – world is starting to cook

25 September 2023

The earth’s energy is out of balance and the world is starting to cook, says a new report. The authors include James Hansen, who testified to the US Congress on global heating as long ago as 1988.

Greek agriculture devastated for five or more years

25 September 2023

Storm Daniel wiped out a quarter of Greece’s annual farming production, as a result of deadly flash flooding that submerged fields and drowned livestock.

First electric minibus taxi paves the way for EV transition in South Africa

25 September 2023

A team from Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Engineering has developed and successfully tested South Africa’s first electric minibus taxi, Daily Maverick reports.

Poland’s first nuclear power plant clears key hurdle in ambitiously timed plan

25 September 2023

Nuclear power is the cornerstone of Poland’s plan to reduce the currently dominant share of coal and lignite in electricity generation.

A slow thaw in frozen US-Iran relations has led to booming oil exports

25 September 2023

The deep freeze that has been US-Iran relations is slowly thawing. That doesn’t mean relations will become “good” anytime soon. But it does mean that Iran will be able to slowly reintegrate into the global economy.

ING: Diesel supply concerns grow with Russian export ban

24 September 2023

Middle distillate markets received another boost yesterday after Russia announced that it would be temporarily banning diesel and gasoline exports. This is at a time when there is already plenty of concern around middle distillate availability.

PANNIER: How ‘C5+1’ set the stage for a new era in US-Central Asia relations

22 September 2023

Focus shifts from security to energy security, renewable energy and transportation infrastructure, while there are no illusions about delivering democracy.

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