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Africa’s electricity unlikely to go green this decade

15 January 2021

Research from the University of Oxford predicts that total electricity generation across the African continent will double by 2030, with fossil fuels continuing to dominate the energy mix.

Ukrainian government will cap natural gas price for households in a move that endangers its IMF deal

14 January 2021

Ukrainian government will cap natural gas price for households in a move that may further jeopardise the country’s co-operation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Iran’s navy conducts missile drill while analyst argues Trump even capable of nuclear strike in final days

13 January 2021

"Desperate” US president “may try to ‘wag the dog’ by ordering a strike – perhaps with a tactical nuclear warhead – on Iran’s main nuclear facility in Natanz” says former White House economic council senior adviser.

German state creates foundation to circumvent US sanctions on Nord Stream 2

10 January 2021

German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern seeks to create foundation to execute purchases of necessary materials for completion of Nord Stream 2, thus avoiding imminent further US sanctions.

Russia, Kazakhstan pushing for oil production increases on the back of coronavirus vaccine-fuelled oil price optimism

8 January 2021

Russia and Kazakhstan won a concession from OPEC to increase production in the coming months at the expense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which remains concerned that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic will depress demand in 2021.

Korea deploys destroyer as Iran seizes tanker and enters war of words with Israel

5 January 2021

Tehran vows “decisive response” to any Israeli action against its scaled up nuclear programme. New worries surface that Donald Trump plans to spark conflict with Iranians.

Vast tide of floating waste threatens Balkan hydropower plants

5 January 2021

Tens of thousands of cubic meters of waste are floating on the Drina river and its tributaries as the countries in the river basin — Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia — have failed for years to upgrade their waste management systems.

Lower hydropower generation dragged down Slovenia’s electricity output down in November

5 January 2021

Electricity generation by hydropower plants slumped in November forcing Slovenia to turn to thermal power generation and pushing up fuel consumption.

Renewables assets change hands in Romania as energy companies look to green future

4 January 2021

Demand for wind and solar parks is growing in Romania, where Hidroelectrica and Engie Romania snapped up local renewables assets in December.

Russian petrochemical giant Sibur closes $11bn joint venture deal to build Amur Gas Chemical plant with China’s Sinopec

29 December 2020

Russia’s leading petrochemicals company, Sibur Holding, and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) have closed an $11bn joint venture deal to build the Amur Gas Chemical Complex (Amur GCC).

Bosnia wins procedural step in Tuzla TPP case

28 December 2020

Energy Community secretariat launched a procedure against Bosnia over the guarantee for a €614mn Chinese loan to finance the expansion of the Tuzla thermal power plant.

Ukrainian utility DTEK launches new green strategy

25 December 2020

Ukraine’s leading utility DTEK announced a new corporate strategy on December 22 that will dramatically increase the share of green energy it produces and puts ESG principles at the core of its business

Kirill Shamalov and the $100 Sibur stake

24 December 2020

Senior executive Kirill Shamalov reportedly received a 3.8% stake in petrochemical giant Sibur for $100 after he reportedly married Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter, but the details are more complicated.

Karachaganak partners pay $1.3bn to settle oil and gas fields dispute with Kazakhstan

14 December 2020

Agreement paves way for investors to push ahead with $1bn expansion project. Shell and Chevron says deal ensures “fiscal certainty”.

Kosovo becomes independent of Serbia’s power grid

14 December 2020

Kosovo is now part of the AK block with Albania, paving the way for the two countries to develop a common market for electricity through the recently established ALPEx energy exchange.

Polish coal mining sector’s loss exceeds €830mn at end-October

14 December 2020

Loss in 10M20 was higher than in the whole of 2019 as largely state-owned coal mines in Poland are going through one of the worst crises of recent years.

Here’s Looking at EAEU: What a gas!

11 December 2020

Unemployment, post-COVID hopes, and moving gas: This and more in Eurasianet’s monthly briefing on the Eurasian Economic Union.

Expansion of Czechia's Dukovany nuclear power plant postponed

9 December 2020

The tender for the construction of the new nuclear unit at the Dukovany power plant in Czechia will be delayed to 2021, said the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlicek.

Borsa Istanbul takes stock of its new speculator

8 December 2020

Cem Okullu said to have quickly earned TRY134mn from TSKB moves and TRY20mn from Petkim trades.

No reaction from Kazakh elites as bombshell FT report says Nazarbayev’s son in law siphoned millions from pipeline scheme

4 December 2020

Timur Kulibayev subject to exposé by author of “Kleptopia: How Dirty Money is Conquering the World.”

Iran calls on Saudis to limit $67bn defence spending to Tehran’s $10bn

3 December 2020

Foreign minister says Tehran might engage in talks on its ballistic missile programme and regional conflicts but that move may require the US to withdraw its blank cheque on weapons provision to Riyadh.

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