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Russia forges ahead with gas ambitions in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

26 January 2023

Moscow is driving forward its energy ambitions in Central Asia as it seeks new markets for gas that Europe now shuns.

Italian PM Meloni travels to Algeria to sign landmark gas deal

25 January 2023

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni completed a two-day visit to Algeria on January 24. The visit’s main goal was to consolidate diplomatic and commercial ties and secure a deal for increased gas exports through the TransMed pipeline.

Davos climate change debates hindered by lack of Russian, Chinese delegates

24 January 2023

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was held in person this year for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme of the meeting was “co-operation in a fragmented world," but Russia and China were a no show.

OPINION: Bulgaria sets itself a tough task with Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline revival

23 January 2023

Bulgaria urgently needs non-Russian crude for its Black Sea refinery, but there are multiple challenges to reviving the Burgas-Alexandroupolis project.

Big freeze that was feared by gas hungry Europe hits Central Asia, Iran

20 January 2023

Tales of families sleeping in cars that are warmer than homes as cold front brings sub-zero temperatures not experienced in half a century.

IEA expects an inflection in oil markets in 2023 when demand will exceed supply

19 January 2023

The International Energy Agency reports that oil demand this year will grow by 1.9mn bpd, to a record 101.7mn bpd, and supply by 1mn bpd, to 101.1mn bpd, in its first monthly report for 2023 released on January 18.

Hungary could face renewed EC scrutiny over Paks nuclear plant expansion

19 January 2023

Brussels could take another look as prolonged delays forces Budapest to consider extending lifespan of existing reactors.

Reports say Russia offered Uzbekistan gas deal but wanted Gazprom to take over country’s transmission system

18 January 2023

Word of rejected proposal comes as many Uzbeks shiver with no gas amid big winter freeze.

Central Asia’s shorter winters are whittling away glaciers

18 January 2023

Glaciers are disappearing around the world. Here’s how it happens in Central Asia.

Gas, panic in 2023

18 January 2023

Last year was a disaster for Europe as Putin’s energy war wreaked chaos on Europe’s economies by sending up gas prices 20-fold, fuelling run-away inflation and an energy crisis that drove millions into poverty. Another crisis could be coming.

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