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Launched in 2003, NewsBase’s Africa Oil & Gas Monitor (AfrOil) has been one of our most popular publications since its inception, and celebrated its 500th weekly issue in July 2013.

Published every Tuesday, AfrOil’s coverage ranges from the northern countries of Libya, Egypt and Morocco down to Angola, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana in the west, as well as South Africa and the newly developing industry in East Africa in Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

NewsBase is also completely independent. Our commentary, analysis and insight are exclusive to NewsBase customers and is not syndicated to any third party.

What, Why and What Next?

  • Geopolitics – AfrOil has always been at the forefront of news and analysis on political change in Africa. Leading commentaries in recent years have covered the Arab Spring in North Africa, the splitting of Sudan, and regional political divides in Nigeria and other countries. AfrOil not only provides analysis of what is happening on the political landscape, but gives insights in to what effects this may have on the oil & gas industry in these regions.
  • Interviews & Country Profiles – Our editorial team is constantly looking for stories that cannot be found elsewhere amongst our competitors. We interview leading industry figures and analysts, providing a unique and exclusive insight into the issues that matter. We also include “Country Profiles,” offering multi-dimensional analysis, from the broad perspective of political and policy news to on-the-ground information on projects and production via our network of journalists and contributors.
  • Projects & Companies – AfrOil highlights company activity throughout Africa, from planning and investment to production and results. Through its coverage of new projects and developments, as well as contracts or tenders being announced and won, AfrOil has allowed our customers to keep ahead of their competition and look for new opportunities across the continent.
  • Local Press – Our News in Brief section at the back of each issue also allows our customers to keep track of local press coverage in each region, from a range of print, web and corporate sources. Alongside local press cuttings, News in Brief also features press releases from companies operating across Africa.

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