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AsiaElec covers utility-scale power developments and policy across all main industry sectors, including coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the closely interlinked coal-mining sector.

AsiaElec reports on project investment and approval, providing news and intelligence on key developments. This is ideal, not only for investors, developers and competitors, but for service, infrastructure and construction companies, who benefit from knowing where best to make their next key move in a rapidly developing market.

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SEB puts $4 trillion annual price tag on net zero

1 October 2021

SEB’s latest Green Bonds Report has placed a price of $4 trillion per year on the energy transition if the world is to reach net zero by 2050.

China’s promise of no overseas coal financing could free up $130bn for green investment

1 October 2021

China’s promise to abandon financing coal projects overseas could affect a total of 44 coal plants across Asia and Africa with a combined 42,220 MW of capacity.

Tokio Marine stops insuring coal project

1 October 2021

Japan’s Tokio Marine Holdings has become the first Japanese insurer to halt its support for new coal projects.

CLP Group to close coal plants by 2040

1 October 2021

Hong Kong’s CLP Group is to close its fleet of coal-fired power plants across the world gradually by 2040, 10 years earlier than previously planned.

India to persist with coal auctions

1 October 2021

The Indian Coal Ministry is to re-auction 11 coal mines after it received little interest in its previous bid round in August.

InterRAO asked by China to raise exports

30 September 2021

Russia power exporter InterRAO said it could raise electricity exports to China after Beijing asked it to increase supplies in a bid to fill the current power deficit in northern China.

AfrElec: Coal closures could save megacities from pollution-related deaths

29 September 2021

The closure of coal fired-plants located close to urban centres across the developing world in line with the 1.5 degree climate targets would prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths and drastically cut the economic fallout of air pollution.

Hydro capacity needs to double to meet green goals

29 September 2021

Global hydro capacity needs to double by 2050 if water-based power is to make a meaningful contribution in the race to net zero, IRENA director-general Francesco La Camera has warned

China to reach peak emissions earlier to guarantee net-zero goals

29 September 2021

China, the world’s largest energy consumer and carbon emitter, needs to reduce its current emissions pledges by 20% by 2030 if it is to come good on its commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

AsiaElec: Asia’s poorest nations call for rich states to keep their $100bn funding promises

29 September 2021

A group of 11 of Asia’s poorest countries have called on the world’s richest states to keep to their promise of $100bn per year in climate finance in order to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable countries from climate change.

IRENA, GWEC set 380-GW target for 2030

24 September 2021

The Global Wind Energy Council and the International Renewable Energy Agency have set a target of 380 GW of offshore wind installations by 2030, and 2,000 GW by 2050, in a bid to reach international net-zero targets by 2050.

CIL signs CBM development deal with Prabha Energy

23 September 2021

State-run Coal India Ltd has reached a deal with Prabha Energy for the commercial extraction of coal-bed methane (CBM) from one of its one blocks.

South Korea to raise power prices

23 September 2021

South Korea has blamed rising LNG, coal and oil prices for its decision to raise retail power prices by KRW3 ($0.0025) per kWh from October, its first such increase since 2013.

Coal investment in power-poor countries continues to hold up

23 September 2021

Investment in new coal-fired power plants has proved to be strong in countries with low access-to-power rates, a recent report from the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and SEforALL warned.

Chinese investment in Africa rises in 2021

23 September 2021

Chinese investment in Africa rose to $2.96bn in 2020, despite the impact of global pandemic on economies.

Chinese hydrogen interests call for 100 GW of green hydrogen by 2030

22 September 2021

China’s hydrogen industry has urged the government to set a target of 100 GW of green hydrogen electrolyser capacity by 2030.

AIIB, IRENA sign Asian green support deal

22 September 2021

The AIIB and IRENA have signed a memorandum of understanding committing to work together to support Asia’s energy transition and mobilise more private capital for renewable energy.

Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs launch $25mn Climate Innovation Fund for India, Vietnam

22 September 2021

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs have launched a $25mn Climate Innovation Fund to support sustainable low-carbon economic development in South and Southeast Asia.

No new coal for China

22 September 2021

China is to abandon financial support for the construction of new coal-fired power plants abroad as part of Beijing’s wider plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2060.

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