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AsiaElec covers utility-scale power developments and policy across all main industry sectors, including coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the closely interlinked coal-mining sector.

AsiaElec reports on project investment and approval, providing news and intelligence on key developments. This is ideal, not only for investors, developers and competitors, but for service, infrastructure and construction companies, who benefit from knowing where best to make their next key move in a rapidly developing market.

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PT Pertamina Hulu Energi advances geologic hydrogen exploration in Eastern Indonesia

13 May 2024

PT Pertamina Hulu Energi, as Pertamina's Upstream Subholding, is striving to develop exploration potential for geologic hydrogen in eastern Indonesia to enhance the company's performance in safeguarding national energy resilience

Serbia inks €2.7bn energy deals with Chinese firms

13 May 2024

Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic Handanovic announced on May 9 that two major deals, with a total value of around €2.7bn, were signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Serbia earlier this week.

Indonesia Gas Society advocates special pricing for LNG amid gas supply deficit

10 May 2024

The Indonesia Gas Society has urged the government to contemplate implementing tailored pricing strategies for liquefied natural gas to counterbalance the existing shortfall in pipeline gas supply,

As heat wave hits India burns more coal

10 May 2024

India's coal-fired electricity production surged to unprecedented levels in the first quarter of 2024, driven by soaring temperatures and robust economic growth, according to data from the think tank Ember

Vietnam's Cai Mep LNG terminal gears up for September launch

10 May 2024

AG&P LNG, a subsidiary of Nebula Energy, and its partner Hai Linh Co., Ltd., have initiated the commissioning phase of the Cai Mep LNG Terminal in Vietnam.

Singapore secures 1GW of renewable energy imports from Cambodia

10 May 2024

Singapore's clean energy ambitions received a boost with the announcement of a 1-GW renewable energy import deal from Cambodia.

India foresees largest power shortfall in 14 years

9 May 2024

India faces its largest power shortfall in 14 years in June 2024 due to a decrease in hydropower output

Think Tank report says India has surpassed Japan to become third largest solar power producer

9 May 2024

India surged past Japan to claim the rank of the world's third-largest solar power producer in 2023, propelled by rapid solar energy deployment, as revealed in a recent report by the think tank Ember

Vinacomin ramps up coal sales to power Vietnam's growing energy needs

9 May 2024

Vinacomin, Vietnam's state-owned coal mining giant, is experiencing a surge in coal sales to domestic power plants. This comes as the Southeast Asian nation grapples with rising energy demands and seeks to avoid power shortages experienced in the pas

WHAUP and Kurin Energy partner on solar farm projects exceeding 128 MW

8 May 2024

WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited announced a joint venture with Kurin Energy Group, a leader in renewable energy development across Asia, to invest in two large-scale solar power projects.

Energy transition more likely to be delayed with dire consequences, says WoodMac

8 May 2024

The world could be heading for a 3-degree C warming trajectory as political headwinds slow the energy transition, says a new report by Wood Mackenzie.

Japan eyes Southeast Asian LNG potential

8 May 2024

Japanese companies are ramping up their LNG business in Southeast Asia to help counter a decline in their domestic market, but also to aid in the region's shift towards LNG and the anticipated surge in demand this is expected to bring

Sri Lankan government greenlights 20 year agreement with Adani Green for wind power

8 May 2024

The government of Sri Lanka greenlit a 20 year deal for building wind powered power plants with Adani Green Limited - the renewable energy business of India’s Adani Group

State-owned oil company Pertamina reveals measures in response to geopolitical uncertainty and rupiah depreciation

7 May 2024

PT Pertamina, the state oil and gas company, has taken a proactive stance by implementing a series of strategic measures

Surging coal demand amidst heatwave in Asia, implicating exporting countries

7 May 2024

As a sweltering heatwave grips several nations, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and India, soaring temperatures have spurred a surge in air conditioning usage, consequently driving up the demand for coal

China dominated global wind turbine manufacturers’ market in 2023, says Woodmac

7 May 2024

China comprised 65% of global wind capacity in 2023, which pushed four Chinese wind turbine original equipment manufacturers into the top five world rankings, a first for the sector, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Taiwan contemplates hydrogen future amid renewable energy challenges

6 May 2024

Taiwan is deliberating its role in the prospective hydrogen economy while grappling with hurdles in renewable energy sourcing

Indonesia's energy transition programme is a 25-year, $85bn endeavour

6 May 2024

Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, unveiled the status of Indonesia's energy transition programme, marking the longest and most extensive project in the nation's history

Malaysia's looming energy dilemma of overdependence on imported gas threatens future sustainability

6 May 2024

Malaysia stands at a critical juncture in its energy landscape, with Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli warning of dire consequences if the nation fails to expedite its transition towards sustainable energy sources

Indonesia explores bioethanol cooperation with Brazil to advance renewable energy goals

6 May 2024

PT Pertamina New & Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Indonesia's state energy company PT Pertamina, is forging communication channels with Brazil to foster cooperation in bioethanol development

Australia grants first offshore licences, developers eye 12-GW+ capacity

5 May 2024

Australia has taken a significant step in its renewable energy ambitions by awarding the first feasibility licences for offshore wind projects, with six wind farms slated for construction offshore Gippsland in Victoria.

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