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AsiaElec covers utility-scale power developments and policy across all main industry sectors, including coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the closely interlinked coal-mining sector.

AsiaElec reports on project investment and approval, providing news and intelligence on key developments. This is ideal, not only for investors, developers and competitors, but for service, infrastructure and construction companies, who benefit from knowing where best to make their next key move in a rapidly developing market.

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Green energy eats into Australian coal generation

10 February 2020

Green energy eats into Australian coal generation

Indonesia to close outdated coal plants and build more renewables

5 February 2020

Indonesia has unveiled plans to close coal plants over 20 years old, potentially removing 11,000 MW of capacity from the market

Japan’s pro-coal investment policy is questioned

29 January 2020

Japan’s environment minister has called into question Japan’s financing of coal plants in Asia

Tech giants dominate green PPAs

28 January 2020

Large corporations signed 19.5 GW of wind and solar power purchase agreements in 2019, up over 40% on 2018

UK makes green play in Africa

22 January 2020

The UK is to continue providing development financing for African countries that extract and use oil and gas in cleaner ways, despite UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that his government would no longer support coal mining anywhere.

Global green spending rises 1% in 2019

22 January 2020

Global investment in renewable generation rose 1% in 2019 to $282bn, with the Chinese market falling and US spending reaching record levels.

ADB supports Maldives solar hybrid with $55mn grant

22 January 2020

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided $55mn of support to the Maldives to build solar-hybrid battery systems on 48 islands in a bid to reduce diesel consumption.

Indian power demand growth slows

14 January 2020

India’s annual power demand growth fell to 1.1% in 2019, its slowest growth since 2013.

IRENA conference turns focus on to green hydrogen

14 January 2020

Green hydrogen needs to build on its unprecedented political and business momentum if it is to beat fossil fuels, derive gas hydrogen on cost within five years and drive forward the energy transition

Chinese wind players in expansive mood

8 January 2020

Shanghai Electric and China Three Gorges (CTG) have announced major fundraising and expansion plans at the start of the year as China’s offshore wind giants seek new global markets

MHI Vestas Offshore secures funding for Taiwanese wind expansion

8 January 2020

Japan’s government and banks have provided $924mn of debt financing to support MHI Vestas' expansion into Taiwan, a major steeping stone to wider business in Asia

Developers request to put Philippine LNG on hold

19 December 2019

China’s CNOOC Gas and Power and Phoenix Petroleum Philippines have asked for plans to build the $2bn Tanglawan LNG hub project in the Philippines to be put on hold.

China talks sustainability and climate protection in Africa

5 December 2019

China is talking up its sustainability and climate protection credentials in Africa in a bid to deepen its socio-economic influence across the continent.

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