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In a region which has shown both extensive investment and increased instability over the past few years, MEA merits a significant degree of technically minded and industry-focused coverage.

While DMEA details mid- and downstream company activity throughout the Middle East and Africa, it also contains information of tender announcements and awards, allowing our customers to be kept aware of what their competitors are up to as well as informing them of new opportunities.

DMEA is a fully digital publication and can be read via PDF, PageSuite or via our NewsBase App.

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Namibian official explains rejection of refinery proposals

20 August 2019

Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy confirmed last week that it was not yet ready to approve any of the proposals it has received for the construction of an oil refinery.

Nigeria prepares for audit of downstream sector

20 August 2019

The government of Nigeria is gearing up to conduct a wide-ranging audit of the country’s downstream oil and gas infrastructure.

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