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In a region which has shown both extensive investment and increased instability over the past few years, MEA merits a significant degree of technically minded and industry-focused coverage.

While DMEA details mid- and downstream company activity throughout the Middle East and Africa, it also contains information of tender announcements and awards, allowing our customers to be kept aware of what their competitors are up to as well as informing them of new opportunities.

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Nigeria begins another year without a new oil and gas law

6 January 2021

Industry observers are keen to see the Nigeria's PIB passed soon – and are also coming forward with criticism of the bill now under discussion.

Total asks some staff to vacate Mozambique LNG site on safety concerns

5 January 2021

France’s Total is reported to have asked some of the staff working on the construction of Mozambique LNG to vacate the site on security concerns.

A long, strange year: 2020 in review

5 January 2021

NewsBase’s editors are marking the start of 2021 with a review of how each of the regions covered by our organisation was affected by the events of the past 12 months.

NRG: Energy markets edge cautiously into a new year

5 January 2021

Concerns about energy demand and OPEC+ production quotas continue to exert pressure on oil prices, despite the debut of the COVID-19 vaccine

Ethiopia preparing to scrap GTL contract following probe

4 January 2021

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has announced plans to exit the contract it signed with US-based GreenComm Technologies last April for the construction of a new gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in the Somali region.

Supply disruptions in Algeria contribute to LNG market tightness

17 December 2020

In Algeria, the port of Arzew, which is home to the GL3Z LNG complex, had been at a standstill for about 10 days as of December 11 owing to bad weather.

Security concerns mounting in Mozambique

16 December 2020

Major LNG projects are facing more risk in light of Islamists’ continued clashes with the Mozambican armed forces and the swelling number of refugees.

Transit fees from Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline up 2.5% in 10M-2020

15 December 2020

Cameroon’s Pipeline Steering and Monitoring Committee (PSMC) said last week that it had seen earnings from crude oil shipments through the Chad-Cameroon pipeline rise slightly in the first 10 months of the year.

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