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Energo follows key project, policy and investment in the power sector across the FSU and CEE. This has included extensive coverage of the Czech Republic and Lithuania’s efforts to build new nuclear reactors, changing renewables policies in Poland and Romania and the privatisation and modernisation of Russia’s power sector. 

We have interviewed leading industry figures and analysts, providing a unique and exclusive insight into the stories that matter.

Energo customers comprise of; major power companies, investment banks, consultancies, government agencies, law firms, accountancies, academics and economists. Its scope covers news and intelligence, broken down by geographic area to include Central Europe, Balkans, Baltics, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Renewables set for record growth in 2022, but 2023 is not so rosy

11 May 2022

Renewables are again set to break global records in 2022, with 320 GW of new capacity forecast to come online and new solar projects in China and Europe driving growth.

EBRD 2022: Coal-dependent Kosovo prepares for leap to renewables

11 May 2022

Kosovo, which relies heavily on coal power generation, is preparing to leapfrog entirely over natural gas power, straight to renewable energy.

Will India become too hot to live in?

5 May 2022

Behind India’s soaring temperatures lie a healthy appetite for cheap Russian fossil fuels, lukewarm enthusiasm for a fast reduction in CO2 emissions and not enough investment in climate adaption

Rapid progress continues at Kursk-II NPP

4 May 2022

A pressure compensator for the VVER-TOI reactor plant has been installed at unit 1 of the Kursk-II NPP under construction in Russia. This is a key element of the main equipment of the reactor.

Russia refutes CNN report about Chernobyl

4 May 2022

Russia has sent the IAEA a refutation of disinformation about the irradiation of soldiers at the Chernobyl NPP.

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