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The Latin America Oil and Gas Monitor (LatAmOil) was first published in Q1 2004 to respond to the newly expanding markets and operations of Latin America. The region remains a hotbed of political diversity and challenging development, with a range of ongoing activities, from conventional crude extraction to shale oil and gas, and to the extensive heavy oil reserves in Venezuela. 

NewsBase publishes LatAmOil weekly on Tuesdays. The report covers relevant oil and gas sector news from Mexico and Central America to the Caribbean and South America. From the heavyweight producers like Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, to new international infrastructure projects and emerging frontiers in Paraguay, LatAmOil informs you of what is going on and why through commentary, interviews, news and analysis. In such a notoriously challenging environment, in-depth and accurate information makes every difference in vital decision making and strategy – LatAmOil brings this directly to your inbox every week.

NewsBase is also completely independent. Our commentary, analysis and insight are exclusive to NewsBase customers and are not syndicated to any third party.

What, Why and What Next?

  • Commentaries – LatAmOil offers detailed analysis from NewsBase’s contributors based throughout the continent. We also include “Country Profiles” that offer multi-dimensional analysis, from the broad perspective of political and policy news, to on-the-ground information on projects and production via our network of journalists and contributors.
  • Projects & Companies – This section keeps you up to date with the latest performance, financial and well results occurring each week. We also track project progress on infrastructure, drilling and licensing from the planning stages through to completion, along with any interesting developments along the way.
  • Local Press – Our News in Brief section at the back of each issue also allows our customers to keep abreast of local press coverage in each region, from a range of print, web and corporate sources. Alongside local press cuttings, News in Brief also features press releases from companies operating throughout Latin America.

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