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NewsBase’s North America Oil and Gas Monitor (NorthAmOil) was first published in 2009. As the US and Canada embarked on the rapid expansion of shale gas, shale oil and oil sands projects in particular, along with further deepwater and conventional work, NorthAmOil followed developments. The publication continues to provide weekly coverage of upstream, midstream and downstream news, spanning shale oil and gas, LNG, oil sands, transport by pipeline and rail, company performance and regional energy policy – on both national and state or provincial levels. NorthAmOil provides regular updates on the status of major proposed projects in both the US and Canada. The publication also looks at more distant prospects, such as offshore Arctic drilling.

NorthAmOil is published every Thursday by our Houston-based editor. 

NewsBase is completely independent. Our commentary, analysis and insight are exclusive to NewsBase customers and are not syndicated to any third party.

What, Why and What Next?

  • Commentary – Leading commentaries from recent years have covered major onshore and offshore developments across North America. This includes the shale oil and gas boom in the region, which NorthAmOil has tracked from the start. The publication has also covered the growth of oil sands production, takeaway capacity issues and the challenges faced by major proposed pipelines such as Keystone XL and Northern Gateway. As well as this, NorthAmOil has reported on activity in the Gulf of Mexico and the longer-term impacts of the Macondo disaster on oil and gas production in the region, as well as the progress being made on LNG developments in both the US and Canada. The publication also deals with any moves to open up frontier regions to oil and gas development. NorthAmOil not only provides analysis of what is happening on the political landscape, but gives insights into what effects this might have on the oil and gas industry in the US and Canada.
  • Interviews and profiles – Our editorial team is constantly looking for stories that cannot be found elsewhere amongst our competitors. We have interviewed leading industry figures and analysts, providing a unique and exclusive insight into the issues that matter. We also include profiles of US states and Canadian provinces, offering multi-dimensional analysis on individual regions, from the broad perspective of political and policy news, to on-the-ground information on projects and production via our network of journalists and contributors.
  • Projects & Companies – NorthAmOil highlights company activity throughout North America, from planning and investment to production and results. Covering new projects and developments, as well as contracts or tenders being announced and won, NorthAmOil has allowed our customers to keep track of their competition and look for new opportunities across the region.
  • Local Press – Our News in Brief section at the back of each issue also allows our customers to keep track of what the local press are saying in each region. Alongside local press cuttings, News in Brief also features press releases from companies operating across North America.

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