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LatAmOil: Colombia's Ecopetrol to import gas from Venezuela, mulls bringing in LNG

Ecopetrol, Colombia's state oil company, is set to import 100mn cubic feet (2.8mn cubic metres) per day of gas from Venezuela starting next year to bolster national hydrocarbon supply, addressing an anticipated 8% shortfall. The two countries are adjacent.

"We have made strides with PDVSA Gas SAS and Cenit, our subsidiary, in inspecting the entire Colombian segment of the Antonio Ricaurte gas pipeline, spanning approximately 98 kilometres,” Efecto Cocuyo reported.

"Within a timeframe of 10 to 14 months, the pipeline could feasibly be operational," stated Ecopetrol president Ricardo Roa during a press briefing.

This is as Colombia’s domestic gas production continues to decline.

Roa outlined a strategic roadmap aimed at securing Colombia's natural gas supply, highlighting an expected deficit of 83 mmcf (2.4 mcm) per day by 2025.

Ecopetrol aims to cover 61 mmcf (1.7 mcm) per day through domestic production while supplementing this with the planned 100 mmcf per day of imports from Venezuela.