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9 April 2020

US official says Rosneft may be able to avoid sanctions for Venezuelan operations

8 April 2020

A high-ranking US official says Washington is ready to lift sanctions on a subsidiary of Russia’s largest oil operator Rosneft, provided that the company can show that it is no longer doing business in Venezuela.

Global oil storage facilities near capacity

8 April 2020

The unprecedented glut in global oil supply has tested storage capacity to the limits, driving the world’s biggest producers to negotiate a truce this year and curb their output.

Coronavirus, oil prices push Kazakhstan toward recession

3 April 2020

Economy forecast to shrink by 0.9%.

Russia, Saudi Arabia agree to slash oil production, Trump claims

2 April 2020

Donald Trump said on April 2 that Russia and Saudi Arabia would be cutting their output, instead of continuing with a supply war that could result in hundreds of oil companies going out of business. The Kremlin denied his claim.

Saudi oil surge and the threat to the energy transition

2 April 2020

The Saudi-led oil glut leaves the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts hanging in the balance