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24 May 2023

OPINION: Azerbaijan’s energy diplomacy pivots to the Balkans

23 May 2023

Azerbaijan can’t fully substitute for Russian gas at the pan-European level, but it can play a crucial role in promoting the energy security of individual states.

Russia makes progress on Far Eastern gas supply project to China

22 May 2023

Russia appears to be finally headway on finalising plans for a third gas pipeline to China that would run from the Far East, providing a means of monetising unused gas at fields off the east coast of Sakhalin Island.

Germany reportedly buys spare Nord Stream 2 pipes for LNG terminal

22 May 2023

Germany’s government purchased pipes that had been intended for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from the project’s bankrupt operating company for €70mn ($76mn), the Business Insider reported last week.

Weatherford oil services plans to stay in Russia

22 May 2023

Weatherford, the Russian division of an international oilfield services company, intends to keep on operating in Russia in spite of Western sanctions for the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

Gazprom aims to expand domestic natural gas storage volumes

22 May 2023

Gazprom aims to expand its domestic natural gas reserves to a record-high next winter, the company announced on May 18, amid a sharp decline in export volumes to Europe over the past year and a drop in output.

Xi presents grand development plan for Central Asia

21 May 2023

Some observers conclude, however, that the big event produced lots of rhetoric and little action.

Russian oil dinosaur Surgut disappoints on 2022 dividends

21 May 2023

The board of Russia’s oil company SurgutNefteGaz (Surgut) has recommended a dividend of RUB0.8 per share for both preferred and ordinary shares for 2022, according to Interfax.

Russian oil exports soar to post-invasion record in April

21 May 2023

Russian oil exports soared in April to their highest level since Moscow invaded Ukraine over a year ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported on May 16, boosting the country’s revenues by $1.7bn.

Explosion hits gas pipeline in Russia's Khanty-Mansiysk region

21 May 2023

A natural gas pipeline in Russia’s Khanty-Mansiysk region exploded on May 16, leaving one person dead and five injured, although emergency services have said that the supply route was inactive.

Turkmenistan: Fiddling while gas leaks

19 May 2023

The scale of the country's methane emissions is becoming a major embarrassment, but the government seems unwilling to do anything about it. This and more in this week's Eurasianet Akhal-Teke bulletin.

EBRD 2023: Azerbaijan seeks routes to become green energy supplier to Europe

17 May 2023

Azerbaijan is seeking to use existing transport infrastructure to establish itself as a supplier of green fuels to the European continent.