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24 September 2020

Equatorial Guinea aims to move ahead with modular refinery project

23 September 2020

Equatorial Guinea’s government is moving ahead with plans to build the country’s first oil-processing plant, according to Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, the head of the Ministry of Mining and Hydrocarbons (MMH).

OVL ready to quit Sudan

22 September 2020

With officials in Khartoum failing to meet financial obligations and the amount of oil involved remaining small, India's OVL has little reason to stay in Sudan.

AIPCC Energy hopes to boost Edo refinery’s capacity 10-fold by 2025

21 September 2020

AIPCC Energy, a joint venture formed by Nigeria’s AFCOM and China’s Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co. (PCC), has announced plans for a 10-fold increase in the processing capacity of its new modular refinery.

BP sets out LNG’s role in energy outlook

18 September 2020

BP has published its Energy Outlook 2020, which sees LNG trade growing significantly in at least the medium term in two out of three scenarios.