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8 April 2021

New green additions rise by nearly 50% in 2020

7 April 2021

261 GW of new renewable power generating capacity was added globally in 2020, beating the previous record annual increase by almost 50%.

India’s Azure Power sells solar rooftop portfolio to Radiance Renewables

7 April 2021

India’s Azure Power is to sell its non-core solar rooftop portfolio to renewable energy supplier Radiance Renewables in a deal worth IN$5.4bn ($73.5mn)

India's Borosil to double solar glass production to 900 tonnes per day

7 April 2021

Mumbai-based solar panel glass manufacturer Borosil Renewables says it plans to invest INR5bn ($68.2mn) to double production to 900 tonnes per day.

Russia reveals proposed carbon pricing levels for Sakhalin

7 April 2021

The Russian Economic Development Ministry and the authorities in Sakhalin region have proposed fines of RUB150-2,000 ($2-25) per tonne for companies that exceed proposed new GHG emissions quotas.

Chinese coal power approvals offset decline in rest of world

7 April 2021

China’s continued expansion of its coal-fired generating sector is slowing down the rest of the world’s retreat from fossil fuels, according to new research.

Energy Secretary Granholm: Focus on renewables will help US manufacturing catch up with China

6 April 2021

The focus of the administration of US President Joe Biden on renewable energy can help America catch up with China’s dominance in the sector. This is according to Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in a recent national TV interview.

Chinese lending to Africa not transparent

1 April 2021

Between 2000 and 2018, Chinese lending to Africa has been consistently above $10bn per year between 2012 and 2017, with a peak of $30mn in 2016, with infrastructure being the dominant sector.

AEMO: LNG imports can delay Australian gas supply shortages

1 April 2021

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has said an anticipated shortfall in natural gas supplies can be delayed as long the country begins importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) by the end of 2023.