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AfrElec’s covers coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the political and investment decisions needed to improve access to electricity for Africa’s expanding population.

Timely, accurate, on-the-ground news and analysis is vital to investors, developers, engineers and businesses, both regionally and internationally.

AfrElec will analyse key project, policy and investment issues and offers insight into what will come next in the power sector. It offers the latest commentary on the geopolitical framework, energy policy, tendering and investment – and assesses the risks inherent in working in the African business environment.

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Poor countries face higher green financing costs – study

15 October 2019

Developing countries are finding it more expensive to finance renewables energy projects, as risks in frontier economies are higher

Senegal postpones bidding round until November 4

15 October 2019

Senegal’s government was due to launch a new licensing round last week, but it has postponed bidding by nearly a month.

Clock runs down for Eskom

9 October 2019

Rosatom to use latest nuclear tech in Egypt

9 October 2019

Rosatom has confirmed that it is to use its latest nuclear technology to build a 4,800MW nuclear power plant in Egypt.

AfDB walks away from coal

2 October 2019

The African Development Bank will no longer support any coal projects in Africa and has instead committed itself to fighting climate change.

EIB, Dutch lend to Kenyan utility solar

2 October 2019

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and FMO, the Dutch development bank, are to provide $106mn of loans to finance the construction and operation of two 40-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plants in Kenya.

Eskom to issue 1.4-GWh battery tender

2 October 2019

Eskom intends to issue a tender soon for 1.4 GWh of battery storage capacity at up to 18 sites across South Africa.

Russia renews nuclear offensive in Africa

2 October 2019

Rosatom is fostering closer atomic energy ties to Africa as Moscow shows off its new green credentials

Rio Tinto to cut emissions in steel industry

1 October 2019

Rio Tinto is to work with China’s China Baowu Steel Group and Tsinghua University to find new ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in the steel industry.

Eastern and southern African grids to be connected by 2022

18 September 2019

The two separate regional cross-border power grids in eastern and southern Africa are set to be joined by 2022, after years of delays

ACWA makes record Ethiopian solar bid

18 September 2019

Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power is to develop 250 MW of solar capacity in Ethiopia after making a record low bid of $0.02526 per kWh

Tata sells off African wind interests

17 September 2019

India’s Tata Power has divested its 50% stake in its South African wind IPP Cennergi for $106mn as it sells off non-core assets in a bid to pay down debt.

UK drives forward solar power across Africa

11 September 2019

The UK has created a four-year funding window to improve electricity access in 15 mainly Anglophone countries across Africa

Karpowership aims to provide 15% of Senegal’s power

11 September 2019

Karpowership’s 235-MW floating power plant Ayşegül Sultan will be able to meet 15% of Senegal’s needs when it comes online in October.

Gneiss Energy focuses solar hybrid to push forward the Energy Transition in Africa

11 September 2019

The falling cost of battery storage is making African commercial and industrial off-gird projects more attractive for investors

MOL, Karpowership agree final details for floating 48-MW LNG-to-power project

4 September 2019

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) and Turkey’s Karadeniz Holding have revealed their final plans to develop a 48-MW floating LNG-to-power project in Mozambique

Japan commits to raising private lending to Africa

4 September 2019

Tokyo has agreed to raise Japanese private lending to Africa to $1.75bn between 2020 and 2022

Africa’s pay-as-you-go potential whets Japanese investment appetite

28 August 2019

Mitsubishi’s investment in BBOXX paves the way for Japan’s deeper engagement with Africa’s power development and the global energy transition

Botswana, Namibia target 5,000 MW of solar

28 August 2019

Botswana and Namibia have launched a procurement programme for up to 5,000 MW of utility-scale solar projects with the support of a group of Western DFIs

First West African LNG regas plant to be built in Equatorial Guinea

22 August 2019

An LNG regasification and storage plant is set to be built in Equatorial Guinea – the first such project in West Africa – as the country advances its plans to develop gas-to-power infrastructure.

UK green bank to support 254 MW of clean capacity in SA

21 August 2019

UK Climate Investments (UKCI), London’s green investment bank, is to provide ZAR253mn ($16.4mn) of critical financing to black-owned renewables developer H1 Holdings to build 254 MW of wind and small hydro capacity in South Africa

African Mini-grid pioneers agree on merger

21 August 2019

PowerGen Renewable Energy’s mini-grid merger with Tanzania’s Rafiki Power blazes a trail for innovative project investment in off-grid power

Eskom begins search for cash

21 August 2019

South Africa’s ruling ANC has suggested that the government borrow from the country’s domestic financial markets in a bid to shore up Eskom’s finances.

Japan’s SoftBank invests $110 in energy storage

20 August 2019

Softbank’s $100bn Vision Fund has made its first investment in energy storage technology by backing Swiss-based energy storage start-up Energy Vault with $110mn.

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