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In a region which has shown both extensive investment and increased instability over the past few years, MEA merits a significant degree of technically minded and industry-focused coverage.

While DMEA details mid- and downstream company activity throughout the Middle East and Africa, it also contains information of tender announcements and awards, allowing our customers to be kept aware of what their competitors are up to as well as informing them of new opportunities.

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Libya Oil Uganda wins early victory in lawsuit over tax payments

7 April 2020

Ola Energy, a Kenyan fuel marketing company formerly known as OiLibya, has taken legal action against the Ugandan Revenue Authority (URA) to protest against the latter’s demand for payment of import taxes.

Nigeria’s LPG consumption plan will cost more than $6bn

7 April 2020

Dayo Adeshina, the programme manager of the Nigerian federal government’s National LPG Expansion Plan (NLPGEP), has said that the country cannot push domestic LPG consumption up to targeted levels unless it invests more than $6bn in infrastructure.

Tanzania says pandemic not likely to disrupt domestic fuel supplies

6 April 2020

Tanzania’s Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has indicated that it does not expect domestic petroleum product markets to suffer any disruptions as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

IMOPETRO head says Mozambique not likely to experience fuel shortages

6 April 2020

The head of Mozambique’s state petroleum import agency IMOPETRO has said that the country is not likely to experience any fuel shortages as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pestilence and paper-pushers

1 April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is putting pressure on Uganda’s fuel market, and Kenyan tax claims have the potential to make the situation worse.

Liberia’s Conex buys downstream assets from Total in West Africa

30 March 2020

France’s Total has arranged to sell its petroleum product marketing operations and assets in Liberia and Sierra Leone to Conex Oil & Gas Holdings, a Liberian-owned company.

Governor of Rivers State rejects NLNG’s request for exemption from lockdown

30 March 2020

The government of Nigeria’s Rivers State has rejected a request from Nigeria LNG (NLNG) and several other companies involved in the natural gas sector for an exemption from the lockdown regime imposed last week.

Malawi hopes to expand fuel storage capacity by 50%

30 March 2020

The National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) is gearing up to expand its fuel storage network, according to a high-ranking company representative.

Qatar reportedly seeks to make LNG spot market sales

26 March 2020

Leading LNG producer Qatar is reportedly seeking to sell some cargoes of the super-chilled fuel on the spot market.

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