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About: EurOil analyses key trends such as the influx of private equity into the North Sea and how it is shaping the basin's future. The monitor also provides key insight on major trends such as decommissioning and the development of frontier regions like West of Shetland. Midstream developments also take prominence, with deep analysis of the region's gas needs and how they will be met in the future.

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Perspectives | Beijing and Moscow clash over Kazakhstan’s oil

12 August 2022

China wants Russia to stop interfering with Kazakh oil exports.

Czech government remains colour blind on green issues

11 August 2022

This could prevent it from tackling some of the country’s biggest problems, such as its dependency on Russian energy, soaring energy bills, worsening environmental problems, and its stuttering economic model.

Russia resumes oil supplies to Slovakia and Hungary but imports to Czechia remain halted

11 August 2022

Hungary's MOL group pays for Transneft's transit fee to Ukrtransnafta, ending cut-off caused by 'administrative glitch'.

UK prepares for winter blackouts as energy crisis worsens

10 August 2022

#bne #EmergingMarkets #energycrisis #blackouts #natgas

Panama Canal Authority reports LNG tanker transits down 30% in last nine months

10 August 2022

The deputy administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) has said that the number of LNG tankers passing through the Panama Canal had dropped by nearly a third over the last nine months.

Russia cuts oil flow via Ukraine's Druzhba pipeline, blaming sanctions for blocking transit payments

9 August 2022

Cut-off will hit the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia hardest, as they rely heavily on imports via the Druzhba pipeline.

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