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About: EurOil analyses key trends such as the influx of private equity into the North Sea and how it is shaping the basin's future. The monitor also provides key insight on major trends such as decommissioning and the development of frontier regions like West of Shetland. Midstream developments also take prominence, with deep analysis of the region's gas needs and how they will be met in the future.

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Russia-EU gas crisis enters next phase as Germany, Italy and France all report cuts in supply

20 June 2022

The crisis in the EU-Russia gas relationship has taken another turn for the worse, with Germany, Italy and France all reporting cuts in supply after all three countries backed Ukraine’s bid for EU candidate status.

Putin praises Bosnia’s Dodik for loyalty to Russia

19 June 2022

Bosnian Serb leader travels to St Petersburg for SPIEF 2022 forum after blocking Bosnian efforts to impose sanctions on Russia.

Cheniere signs LNG supply agreement with Equinor

17 June 2022

US LNG producer Cheniere Energy has signed an LNG sales and purchase agreement with Norway’s Equinor.

Europe's gas storage tanks already half full, but will it be enough?

17 June 2022

Gazprom cuts supplies of gas as Europe races to fill its storage tanks. These crossed the halfway mark on June 7 and are now 51.12% full, as the EU seeks to replenish its supplies ahead of the coming winter.

Romania receives gas from first new offshore development in 30 years

16 June 2022

Romania aims to become a net exporter of gas following the discovery of large offshore resources in the Black Sea, but progress has been slow.

Calls growing for a price cap on Russian oil exports

15 June 2022

Europe has been wrestling to get its members to sign up to a full ban on Russian oil products but a ban could send the price of oil up and make Russia even more money. Better to cap prices and starve the Kremlin of revenues.

Russia announces it will slash gas flow via Nord Stream 1 by 60%

15 June 2022

Russia’s Gazprom has announced it is slashing gas flow via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 60%, blaming Siemens’ failure to repair compressor units on time and other technical problems at the Portovaya compressor station.

Russian energy export revenues up 40% in May despite sanctions

14 June 2022

Despite the West’s push to phase out Russian energy imports and deprive the Kremlin of revenues to finance its war in Ukraine, the country’s export revenues were in fact up by almost 40% year on year in May.

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