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Russia and the other former Soviet republics are often viewed as remote and obscure, but FSU OGM sheds light on the vital role these countries play in world energy markets. It explains the region's status as a key player in the EU's energy planning, while also focusing on the progress of efforts to expand deliveries to Asia.

Leading commentaries in recent years have covered the economic consequences of political unrest in Ukraine, efforts to open the Southern Gas Corridor between the Caspian Sea Basin and the EU, competition between Russia and Central Asia for access to the Chinese gas market and the continued rise in Russian liquids production.

Our journalists on the ground have a wealth of local experience and are proficient in Russian and other languages in Central Asia, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of industry coverage.

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Top 100 foreign companies still working in Russia see profits soar by half in 2022 to $13bn

9 June 2023

The top 100 foreign companies still working in Russia from "unfriendly" countries saw profits soar in 2022, up 54% to RUB1.1 trillion ($13.3bn). The top three companies accounted for half of all those profits.

Russia sends more oil to Asia than Europe in 2022 for the first time ever

8 June 2023

Deputy PM Alexander Novak highlighted that in 2022 Russia sent more oil to Asia than to Europe for the first time ever. In addition Russia saw substantial increases in exports of oil, oil products, pipeline gas, LNG, and coal to various nations.

Russia to set expand oil supplies via southern Druzhba stream in June

8 June 2023

This surge in supply is driven by EU refiners' desire to secure more oil amid concerns over potential disruptions in transit through Ukraine.

Biden administration was reportedly aware of Ukrainian plot to blow up Nord Stream pipelines three months prior to attacks

7 June 2023

The CIA received a European intelligence service report that Ukraine’s military was plotting the attack with the use of a small team of divers who were reporting directly to the C-in-C of the country’s armed forces, General Valerii Zaluzhny.

Novatek plans new LNG production plant in Murmansk

7 June 2023

Novatek plans to build a new large-scale LNG plant in the Murmansk region, with the project aimed at helping Moscow fulfil its ambitious LNG production targets and finding a new market for gas in north-west Russia that used to flow to Europe.

Russian oil and gas budget revenue dips 36% in May

7 June 2023

Oil and gas revenues to Russia’s federal budget were down nearly 36% year on year in May and down 12% from the level in April, the country’s finance ministry reported on June 5, citing the impact of reduced profit-based oil tax.

Indian, Chinese oil imports from Russia reach new height in May

7 June 2023

Intake of Russian oil by China and India soared to a new height in May, as buyers continued to take advantage of discounted cargoes, while the two countries cut back on imports from the Middle East and Africa.

Russia’s gas major Novatek pushes to break Gazprom’s grip on LNG exports

7 June 2023

The head of Russian natural gas major Novatek, Leonid Mikhelson, is leveraging Gazprom's issues with liquefied natural gas shipments from the Cryogas-Vysotsk project in Europe to advocate for the abolition of Gazprom's gas export monopoly.

Ukrgazvydobuvannya launches new gas well in eastern Ukraine with daily production of 230,000 cubic metres

6 June 2023

Ukrgazvydobuvannya, a subsidiary of Naftogaz Group, has successfully drilled and activated a high-rate well in eastern Ukraine, resulting in an additional daily supply of 230,000 cubic metres of natural gas for the country, Naftogaz stated.

Saudi cuts deeper as OPEC+ extends deal

5 June 2023

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will cut its oil output by 1mn barrels per day in July, with OPEC+ agreeing to extend its current deal until next year.

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