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Russia and the other former Soviet republics are often viewed as remote and obscure, but FSU OGM sheds light on the vital role these countries play in world energy markets. It explains the region's status as a key player in the EU's energy planning, while also focusing on the progress of efforts to expand deliveries to Asia.

Leading commentaries in recent years have covered the economic consequences of political unrest in Ukraine, efforts to open the Southern Gas Corridor between the Caspian Sea Basin and the EU, competition between Russia and Central Asia for access to the Chinese gas market and the continued rise in Russian liquids production.

Our journalists on the ground have a wealth of local experience and are proficient in Russian and other languages in Central Asia, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of industry coverage.

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Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production

18 April 2024

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production.

Kazakhstan’s Kashagan claims against big oil firms now reportedly top $150bn

18 April 2024

Astana said to have added $138bn claim for lost revenue, arguing energy majors developing Caspian Sea field have not fully delivered on production pledges.

Republic of Congo expands oil partnerships, eyes closer ties with Azerbaijan

17 April 2024

The Republic of the Congo’s President Denis Sassou-Nguesso is diversifying the West African country’s oil and gas partnerships in search of reliable allies to explore its substantial reserves.

European Parliament permits members to ban Russian LNG imports

17 April 2024

The European Parliament has voted to adopt rules that will give member countries the legal basis to block Russian LNG imports through preventing Russian firms from booking the gas infrastructure capacity needed to deliver LNG to Europe.

France's spending on Russian LNG surges to over €600mn this year

16 April 2024

France's spending on Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) surged to over €600mn this year, EU data reveals, Politico reports.

What next for oil markets after Iranian strike on Israel?

16 April 2024

For the time being, traders have apparently shrugged off fears of a direct war between Israel and Iran, but escalation is still a significant risk.

Russia’s war economy boosted by rising oil prices

16 April 2024

Brent crude oil prices remained near a six-month high this week, hovering around $90 per barrel amidst fears of an oil price spike driven by escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

Russia adds smallest volume to oil reserves in 2023 in six years

16 April 2024

Russia replenished its oil reserves in 2023 by the smallest annual volume in six years.

Novatek sees slight rise in gas supply in Q1

16 April 2024

Russia’s Novatek boosted its gas production by 1.2% year on year to 21.12bn cubic metres in the first quarter.

Russian attacks on Ukrainian gas storage sites raise European prices

16 April 2024

Russia's assault on two Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities on April 11 has triggered a surge in European gas prices, marking a change in Russia's strategy.

EU Parliament backs rules to allow member states to block Russian LNG

16 April 2024

The European Parliament voted in favour last week of rules thaat would enable governments of EU member states to block Russian LNG imports by preventing Russian companies from booking capacity at gas infrastructure.

Imports of Russian oil to Czechia increase by 2% y/y in 2023

15 April 2024

Imports of Russian oil to Czechia from the Druzhba pipeline increased by 2% year-on-year in 2023 and amounted to a 58% share of the overall oil imports to the country

How much damage can Ukraine’s drone attacks on Russian oil refineries do?

13 April 2024

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian drones have attacked over two dozen Russian oil refineries and several oil depots in the first sustained campaign against Russia’s oil product producing facilities.

Lukoil expands in Kazakhstan

12 April 2024

Lukoil is expanding its oil and gas operations in Kazakhstan, amid limited overseas opportunities for the company because of Russia’s increased international isolation.

Russia's top four drilling firms see profit surge 54% in 2023

12 April 2024

The combined net profit of the four biggest oilfield services companies in Russia surged by 54.1% in 2023 to $337mn on the back of increased drilling.

Naftogaz secures gas storage agreements with European companies

11 April 2024

Naftogaz has signed agreements with German, Norwegian and French firms for gas storage services in Ukraine, despite continued Russian attacks.

China moves past India as top importer of Russian crude via sea

11 April 2024

China has emerged as the foremost purchaser of Russian seaborne crude, outstripping India's import volumes, according to data from energy cargo tracker Vortexa

Disrupted refining boosts Russian oil exports in March

11 April 2024

Russian oil companies significantly increased offshore oil exports to 3.8mn barrels per day in March 2024 amid refinery utilisation problems, up by 5% year on year and making the highest oil exports since May 2023.

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