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Russia and the other former Soviet republics are often viewed as remote and obscure, but FSU OGM sheds light on the vital role these countries play in world energy markets. It explains the region's status as a key player in the EU's energy planning, while also focusing on the progress of efforts to expand deliveries to Asia.

Leading commentaries in recent years have covered the economic consequences of political unrest in Ukraine, efforts to open the Southern Gas Corridor between the Caspian Sea Basin and the EU, competition between Russia and Central Asia for access to the Chinese gas market and the continued rise in Russian liquids production.

Our journalists on the ground have a wealth of local experience and are proficient in Russian and other languages in Central Asia, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of industry coverage.

FSUOGM is a fully digital publication and can be read via PDF, PageSuite or via our NewsBase App.

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Saudi energy minister says Russia will remain a part of OPEC+ group

23 May 2022

Saudi Arabia will continue to include Russia in OPEC’s attempts to work with other oil-producing states to balance global energy markets, despite Western moves towards sanctions on trade in Russian crude.

Schroeder steps down as Rosneft board chairman

23 May 2022

Gerhard Schroeder, Germany’s former chancellor, has resigned from his post as chairman of Russia’s state-owned oil producer Rosneft.

Russia halts gas deliveries to Finland

23 May 2022

Gazprom, Russia’s state-run natural gas giant, said on Saturday, May 21 that it had stopped all deliveries to Finland as of 6:00 a.m. local time.

GAC data show Chinese spending on Russian oil, gas, coal up 75% y/y in April

22 May 2022

China's spending on Russian crude oil, natural gas and coal jumped by more than 75% year on year to $6.42bn in April, according to data from Chinese customs data.

US seen easing sanctions on Venezuela to meet Europe’s need for additional oil supplies

22 May 2022

The US government is reportedly gearing up to ease sanctions on Venezuela’s national oil company PdVSA in order to facilitate deliveries to Europe.

ONGC weighs more bids for Russian assets despite rejection of first bid

21 May 2022

India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) is reportedly considering placing more bids for oil and gas assets in Russia that are being abandoned by international oil companies (IOCs) in the wake of the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

EU opens loophole for Russian gas-for-rubles scheme

18 May 2022

The EU said that companies could keep buying Russian gas through Gazprombank without breaching sanctions for Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, with the condition that they consider their obligations fulfilled once they pay in euros or dollars

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