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Russia and the other former Soviet republics are often viewed as remote and obscure, but FSU OGM sheds light on the vital role these countries play in world energy markets. It explains the region's status as a key player in the EU's energy planning, while also focusing on the progress of efforts to expand deliveries to Asia.

Leading commentaries in recent years have covered the economic consequences of political unrest in Ukraine, efforts to open the Southern Gas Corridor between the Caspian Sea Basin and the EU, competition between Russia and Central Asia for access to the Chinese gas market and the continued rise in Russian liquids production.

Our journalists on the ground have a wealth of local experience and are proficient in Russian and other languages in Central Asia, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of industry coverage.

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PANNIER: Precarious balancing act for ‘everybody’s friend’ Central Asia

2 June 2023

West might talk tough on Russia sanctions enforcement, but it may have to settle for half-hearted promises from region.

TotalEnergies will start gas production from the Absheron field in the coming weeks

2 June 2023

Production of the first gas from the Absheron field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea will begin in a few weeks, said Jean-Luc Guiziou, senior vice president for Europe at TotalEnergies.

Russia stuck with $1bn of rupees per month on Indian trade

2 June 2023

Russia is accumulating up to $1bn per month in rupee assets stranded outside the country due to unresolved issues in the trade relationship with India, Bloomberg reports.

Russian petrochemical major Sibur switches to yuan in China trade

2 June 2023

Russia’s petrochemical major Sibur completely shifted to the Chinese yuan in its trade settlements with China, as well as to the Vietnamese dong in the settlements with Vietnam, and to the Turkish lira in the settlements with Turkey in 2022.

Saudi and Azerbaijan sign broad energy deal

1 June 2023

Saudi and Azerbaijan sign broad energy deal

Rosneft surprises with $4.4bn profit in 1Q23, transparency still an issue

31 May 2023

Russia’s largest crude oil producer, state-controlled Rosneft, posted RUB1.8 trillion ($25bn) revenues under IFRS in 1Q23, EBITDA of RUB672bn ($9.2bn), and net income of RUB323bn ($4.4bn) on revenue of RUB244bn ($3.3bn).

Ukraine prepares for winter gas supplies using only its own resources

31 May 2023

Ukraine will boost its domestic production of gas to 13.5bn cubic metres and hopes to store enough gas to get through the coming heating season without imports.

Biden officials ‘in serious talks’ with Turkmenistan on curbing vast methane emissions

31 May 2023

Deal could be struck ahead of COP 28 climate summit. It would be hailed as a major breakthrough in addressing global warming.

Rosneft proposes benchmarking Urals blend oil to Dubai, not Brent

31 May 2023

Russia could start benchmarking the fiscal calculations for the oil and gas sector to Dubai blend oil, instead of the current Brent, Kommersant reported citing unnamed market sources and state-controlled Rosneft, Russia's largest crude producer.

Russian government accelerates petrochemical sector development plans

31 May 2023

The roadmap outlines plans to increase the large-scale production of polymers by 34% by 2025 and shorten previous development target deadlines by a decade.

Kazakhstan looks to China to diversify oil export routes

30 May 2023

Kazakhstan is continuing its push to diversify its oil export routes, with its national oil company KazMunayGas (KMG) entering into talks with China’s CNPC on expanding two oil pipelines linking the two countries.

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