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REM covers information across all main renewable energy sources, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, wave, tidal and marine. It also gives insight into new and developing technologies such as algal biofuels and advanced storage, keeping our customers abreast of the latest updates and innovations relevant to any of the above sectors.

REM aims to alert readers and investors on the latest large-scale projects and IPOs, giving balanced coverage of potential global opportunities for investors and companies along the renewable energy supply chain.

In the renewables industry, policy can often dictate the fate of successful projects and investment – REM aims to provide detailed commentary and the latest news on regional issues and decision-making, from a supra-national level such as the European Commission, to national guidance such as the US EPA or Japan’s METI.

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UK warned it will miss climate targets

25 June 2020

The UK’s advisory Climate Change Committee has warned that the country is set to miss several of its legally binding 2050 targets.

Denmark passes landmark climate agreement

24 June 2020

The Danish parliament has passed by a landslide a landmark climate agreement that will quadruple the country’s offshore wind energy capacity by 2030

Statkraft enters UK solar market

24 June 2020

Norway’s Statkraft has entered the UK solar developer market for the first time

BP sets net zero target

24 June 2020

Renewables accounted for 40% of the global growth in primary energy in 2019

Australia to add 1.2 GWh of storage in 2020

24 June 2020

Australia is set to add 1.2 GWh of energy storage capacity in 2020, more than double the 499 MWh installed in 2019

IRENA calls for $2 trillion of annual green investment

24 June 2020

IRENA has called for the energy transformation to be at the heart of the sustainable recovery agenda

Eni acquires 35 MW of wind capacity in Italy

24 June 2020

Eni acquires 35MW of wind capacity in Italy

AfDB to lend $253mn to Egypt to boost power sector resilience

18 June 2020

The African Development Bank has approved a €225mn ($253mn) loan to support the resilience and sustainability of Egypt’s electricity sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

Green investment dips in Middle East and Africa in 2019

18 June 2020

Renewable energy investment in the Middle East and Africa slipped by 8% to $15.2bn in 2019

IEA puts $3 trillion price tag on a green recovery

18 June 2020

The IEA calls for $3 trillion of new energy investment over three years to avoid emissions bouncing back to pre-COVID-19 levels and to move towards the Paris Agreement goals

New Jersey to build $400mn offshore wind port

17 June 2020

New Jersey to build $400mn offshore wind port

Finland’s Taaleri SolarWind II fund invests in 336-MW wind farm in Texas

17 June 2020

Finland’s Taaleri SolarWind II fund has acquired a 93% equity interest in the 336-MW Escalade wind farm in Texas

China’s Goldwind signs 50-MW Pakistan turbine deal

17 June 2020

China’s Goldwind signs 50-MW Pakistan turbine deal

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