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REM covers information across all main renewable energy sources, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, wave, tidal and marine. It also gives insight into new and developing technologies such as algal biofuels and advanced storage, keeping our customers abreast of the latest updates and innovations relevant to any of the above sectors.

REM aims to alert readers and investors on the latest large-scale projects and IPOs, giving balanced coverage of potential global opportunities for investors and companies along the renewable energy supply chain.

In the renewables industry, policy can often dictate the fate of successful projects and investment – REM aims to provide detailed commentary and the latest news on regional issues and decision-making, from a supra-national level such as the European Commission, to national guidance such as the US EPA or Japan’s METI.

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Duke Energy to build 1.1-MW floating solar plant in North Carolina

2 October 2020

US generator Duke Energy is to build a 1.1-MW floating solar plant at the US Army’s Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina.

Vistra to invest $850mn in solar and storage to push forward pivot to clean energy

1 October 2020

Texas utility Vistra is to invest $850mn in 1,000 MW of green capacity and retire its entire Midwest coal fleet as part of plans to move away from fossil fuels.

Trump extends drilling bans off certain states

1 October 2020

US President Donald Trump has extended the bans in place on drilling in waters off the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia from 2022 previously until 2032. It subsequently emerged that the bans would also cover new offshore wind development.

South Africa sets date for emergency power IPP bids

1 October 2020

The South African government has set November 24 as the date for private power developers to submit bids for the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP).

Nigeria aims for 30% green target by 2030

1 October 2020

Nigerian Science and Technology Minister Ogbonnaya Onu said Nigeria would be able to generate 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, as currently called for by the National Energy Policy.

Africa has 59,000 GW of onshore wind potential

1 October 2020

Africa has the potential to generate almost 180,000 TWh per year of electricity from 59,000 GW of onshore wind farms, 250 times more that the continent’s current power demand.

Vestas to supply 252 MW of turbines to Egypt’s Suez 1 wind project

1 October 2020

Egypt’s New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) has placed a 252 MW order with Vestas for the Gulf of Suez 1 wind project in the Gulf of Suez.

Solar set to be Europe’s largest power source by 2025

30 September 2020

Solar is predicted to be Europe’s largest source of electricity by 2025, but only if EU governments make considerable progress in moving towards the Paris Agreement targets.

Green energy provides 11.5mn jobs in 2029

30 September 2020

The number of green jobs in the world rose to 11.5mn in 2019, with solar PV providing 3.8mn, or one-third, of them, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said this week.

Sumitomo confirms Five Estuaries leasing rights

30 September 2020

Sumitomo Corp’s Japanese-backed 353-MW Five Estuaries offshore wind project in the UK has secured lease agreements for seabed rights and aims to begin commercial operations in 2030.

Vestas wins 53-MW turbine order from Vietnam

30 September 2020

Vestas has received a 53-MW order from Vietnamese wind developer Thuan Binh Wind Power (TBW) to supply and install 13 of its V150-4.2 MW turbine models to the Phu Lac Phase 2 and Loi Hai 2 wind farms.

Hybrid hydro/PV offers untapped potential

30 September 2020

Building floating solar plants on the reservoirs of existing large-scale hydropower plants could provide a theoretical 7.6 TW of generating capacity, the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) said this week.

NRG: The blue-green future

29 September 2020

Energy consumers and producers are evaluating how the arrival of hydrogen as a mainstream source of fuel will affect their environmental, political and financial goals.

US to provide $2.6mn to fund solar in sub-Saharan Africa

24 September 2020

Power Africa and USAID are to provide $2.6mn in grants to help solar companies provide off-grid power to healthcare facilities in sub-Saharan Africa.

IEA talks up CCUS as key to reducing emissions

24 September 2020

CCUS has a vital role to play in limiting global warning, the IEA says, but more investment and research is needed

Alberta empties emissions reduction fund with new investments

24 September 2020

The government of Alberta said this week that it was emptying its Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund by spending CAD750mn ($560mn) on projects that help industries reduce their carbon emissions.

Maine awards 546 MW of green utility-scale capacity

24 September 2020

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) procured 17 renewable energy projects this week, with 482 MW out of the 546 MW of projects approved this week going to solar developers.

PVH, Madrid Polytechnic to collaborate on bifacial photovoltaics

24 September 2020

PVH and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), through UPM’s Solar Energy Institute (IES), have signed a collaboration agreement for a six-month study of bifacial photovoltaic systems at the PVH Innovation Centre.

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