Energo - CEE/FSU Power

26 August 2021

Swiss Axpo signs PPA with Macquarie’s 600-MW Romanian wind farm

25 August 2021

Swiss energy trader Axpo has signed a seven-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for Romania’s largest wind farm, the Fântânele, Cogealac-and Gradina complex in Dobrogea, close to the Black Sea.

Falling costs of small modular reactors could make nuclear competitive

25 August 2021

Small modular nuclear reactors could play a crucial role in meeting Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets, increasing the pace of the electrification that is a mainstay of the energy transition.

Rosneft CEO proposes voluntary CO2 monitoring system

25 August 2021

Rosneft CEO Igor has proposed that Russia introduce a voluntary system for monitoring and verifying CO2 emissions that could be recognised in the EU.

Will the Belarus NPP become the elephant in the room for Lithuania?

24 August 2021

Lithuania has passed legislation to ban electricity imports from Belarus, but power from Lithuania’s hostile and unpredictable neighbour keeps trickling across the border through four 330-kV interconnectors.