Energo - CEE/FSU Power

29 July 2022

Uzbekistan: Electricity grid strained by heat

28 July 2022

Demand has surged as the population turns to air conditioners and refrigeration equipment to keep cool.

Ukraine could increase gas transits to EU to over 200mn cubic metres per day

26 July 2022

Ukraine has stated it could increase gas transits to over 200mn cubic metres per day to the EU after Gazprom cut gas flows via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Ukraine Business News reported on July 26.

Green output rises faster than power demand in 2022

22 July 2022

Renewable power generation has grown faster than sluggish demand so far in 2022, driven by strong capacity additions, IEA data showed, dragging down global power sector CO2 emissions slightly despite rising coal use in Europe.

Emissions surge to outstrip pre-pandemic levels

21 July 2022

Global emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases rose 6.4% to 51bn tonnes in 2021, eclipsing the pre-pandemic peak of 50.3bn tonnes in 2019 as global economic activity resumed, International Monetary Fund data showed.