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18 August 2022

Romanian energy companies report hike in profits

16 August 2022

Two major Romania energy companies — natural gas and electricity producer Romgaz and nuclear power company Nuclearelectrica — have reported sharp hikes in their profits for the first half of 2022.

Albania steps in to help Kosovo avoid electricity rationing

15 August 2022

Kosovo's energy companies had planned restrictions on power use as the coal-dependent country faces a crisis in the energy sector.

Russia occupies 35% of Ukraine's electricity industry and 2,209 natural resources deposits

15 August 2022

Russian forces are occupying Ukraine’s electrical industry and stealing its natural resources, Ukraine Business News reported on August 12.

Bondholders agree to delay payments from Ukrenergo and Ukravtodor

15 August 2022

Ukrainian state-owned companies Ukrenergo and Ukravtodor were given permission to postpone payments by Eurobond holders for two years, Ukraine Business News reported on August 12.