Energo - CEE/FSU Power

20 October 2022

Most of Europe still dependent on oil and gas for fuel

18 October 2022

Europe is hoping to wean itself off Russian gas and turn to renewables but only a few countries rely on hydropower for the majority of their energy needs, while most of the rest of Europe relies on oil and gas.

Zelenskiy calls for financial Ramstein group to help raise billions in support for Ukraine

14 October 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy emphasised the need for a financial group similar to the Ramstein format to help with Ukraine’s economic needs, Interfax Ukraine reported on October 13.

Will Ukraine suffer in darkness this winter? DTEK's Timchenko believes the energy sector can pull through with help from friends

13 October 2022

Russia’s extreme strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure this week have caused international outrage and concerns that the war-torn country will suffer a cold and dark winter.

EIB sends Ukraine €550mn to restore damaged energy infrastructure following Russian missile strikes

13 October 2022

The European Investment Bank sent €550mn to Kyiv in order to restore Ukraine’s devastated energy infrastructure, Ukraine Business News reported on October 13.