Energo - CEE/FSU Power

27 October 2022

Ocean Winds to build offshore wind farm off Poland

26 October 2022

Ocean Winds, a 50-50 joint venture between EDP Renewables and ENGIE, plans to build the 400-MW BC-Wind offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea some 23 km north of the Polish municipalities of Choczewo and Krokowa.

Turkmenistan: Bombing at windmills

26 October 2022

Turkmenistan is trying to assume the role of energy supplier to Central Asia. Plus, showing off weapons while cash is tight. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

President says Moldova facing worst energy crisis in its history

26 October 2022

Moldovans warned to expect blackouts after cut in Russian gas imports for its power plants and the end of electricity imports from Ukraine.

EU gas prices tumble in lull before the storm

25 October 2022

Gas prices have been falling fast in the last few weeks as EU storage tanks are nearly full.

Dirty bombs and exploding dams: Moscow claims Kyiv is plotting to kill its own citizens in baseless false-flag accusation

25 October 2022

Moscow accuses Kyiv of plotting to detonate a “dirty bomb” in a false-flag attack on its own territory, despite not providing any evidence to prove the claim.

Kosovo’s KEDS deploys drones to monitor power distribution network

24 October 2022

The drones were activated above the Keqekolla and Restelica 10 kV lines, where the mountainous terrain is difficult to monitor from the ground.

Russian strikes damage over 50% of Ukraine's energy facilities, cutting power to 1.4mn households

24 October 2022

More than half of Ukraine’s energy facilities have been damaged after massive Russian strikes over the weekend, Ukraine Business News reported on October 24.

Moldova faces power blackouts after Transnistria halves electricity supplies

24 October 2022

Gazprom cut gas deliveries to pro-Russian separatists in Transnistria, whose power plants supply electricity to all of Moldova.

Ukraine's green revolution is in full swing

22 October 2022

Ukraine looks towards a green future with post-war developments focusing on renewable energy sources, Ukraine Business News reported on October 21.

Germany says Russian gas blackmail failed

21 October 2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claims that Germany has “freed” itself from Russian gas dependence, Ukraine Business News reported on October 21.

Rolling blackouts in Ukraine caused drop in Internet connectivity

21 October 2022

Ukraine’s state-owned grid operator Ukrenergo introduced rolling blackouts to Kyiv, causing a drop in Internet connectivity in the capital, the Kyiv Independent reported on October 20.