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17 November 2022

EU to ramp up support for Ukraine's energy sector following massive Russian attack

16 November 2022

The European Union will ramp up its support for Ukraine in the wake of the largest Russian attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Interfax Ukraine reported on November 16.

COMMENT: Russian tactics against Ukraine hit Moldovan energy sector

16 November 2022

Moldova is in the front line this winter as Russia's attack on Ukraine spills over to undermine the republic's energy security.

Russia rains down 100 missiles on Ukraine in largest ever attack on energy infrastructure

15 November 2022

Russia relentlessly launched 100 missiles at 11 Ukrainian regions on the afternoon of November 15, just days after the war-torn country celebrated the liberation of Kherson.

Moldova suffers electricity blackout after Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

15 November 2022

Electricity supplies were cut off across much of Moldova after a power line that supplies the country was disconnected.

UK pledges GBP10mn to Ukraine’s Energy Support Fund

15 November 2022

The United Kingdom has pledged GBP10mn to Ukraine’s Energy Support Fund, Ukraine Business News reported on November 15.

Uberwealthy are the worst climate criminals

12 November 2022

The investments of the world’s 125 wealthiest people produce the same amount of CO2 as the whole of France, while each of them emits a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person.

Russian attacks on energy infrastructure caused Ukraine's GDP to drop to 39%

12 November 2022

Russia’s relentless attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have caused the country’s GDP to fall to 39%, Ukraine Business News reported on November 11.

REPowerEU rules still leave loopholes for gas investment

11 November 2022

The European Parliament has approved temporary emergency regulations to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across the EU, but gas investment is still allowed

Gas has potential to derail COP27’s green ambitions

11 November 2022

Emissions from future LNG projects and could use up 10% of the remaining global carbon budget for 1.5˚C warming by 2050.

Exim Bank US offers $3bn financing for Romanian nuclear reactors

10 November 2022

Romania plans to build two new reactors of 700MW net each at its sole nuclear power plant at Cernavoda.