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5 January 2023

Ukraine's warm weather dampens impact of Russian energy attacks

4 January 2023

Ukraine’s warm winter is dampening the impact of Russia’s attacks on energy infrastructure, Economic Pravda reported on January 3.

Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP secures fuel from Western suppliers, ending dependence on Russia

2 January 2023

Kozloduy NPP signs contracts with Westinghouse and Framatome on delivery of nuclear fuel.

Major missile strike disrupts Ukraine's festivities

30 December 2022

A volley of Russian missile and drone strikes interrupted Ukraine’s festive celebrations on December 29.

Ukrenergo issues state of emergency following Russian strikes

19 December 2022

Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s state grid operator, issued a state of emergency in Ukraine on the morning of Friday, December 16, Ukrainian Pravda reported on December 16.

Apocalypse 2050: World on course for 15% GDP fall

15 December 2022

The world is set to see global GDP plummet by a catastrophic 15% by 2050 if current emissions trends are not reined in and global warming reaches 2.2°C by 2050.

Ukraine turns to Europe for electricity

15 December 2022

Ukraine turns to Europe for its electricity imports after Russian shelling caused a major deficit, Ukraine Business News reported on December 15.

Uzbekistan: Gas official arrested as government tries to account for shortages

15 December 2022

While households are struggling to deal with a heating crisis, some private enterprises have been able to receive steady supplies of gas.