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Brazil’s oil industry asks to mothball 29 fields due to pandemic

24 April 2020

Two Brazilian oil companies have asked the government to shutter 29 oilfields, which have a total production of 65,000 barrels per day.

Argentina hopes minimum reference price will protect domestic oil sector

24 April 2020

Argentina’s government is reportedly mulling a proposal to establish an artificially high floor for domestic crude oil prices.

US instructs Chevron to wrap up operations in Venezuela

24 April 2020

Washington has ordered Chevron to prepare for an exit from Venezuela.

Venezuelan opposition looks askance at “shadow tax” on JVs

24 April 2020

Venezuela’s National Assembly is considering proposals for revising joint venture contracts to make the country’s oil sector more attractive to foreign investors.

Coronavirus a concern for Colombia’s public and private-sector oil producers

24 April 2020

Concerns about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic appear to be widespread among Colombian oil and gas producers.

Examining the WTI collapse

23 April 2020

The unprecedented crash in WTI prices into negative territory has been attributed primarily to the mechanics of futures contracts, but nonetheless illustrates an oversupply crisis as storage fills up.

Mexico’s oil export basket joins WTI in trading below zero

23 April 2020

Mexico’s oil export basket has joined WTI in trading below zero.

Ecuador’s OCP pipeline resumes partial operations following landslide

21 April 2020

Ecuador’s Heavy Crude Pipeline (known locally as OCP) has resumed partial operations after being closed down due to a landslide in the Amazon region earlier this month.

UPDATED: Oil prices fall to less than zero for the first time in history

20 April 2020

Oil prices fell to less than zero for the first time in history as producers ran out of places to store crude on April 20.

Mexico holds fast on production cuts

17 April 2020

The OPEC+ group has hammered out a new deal after agreeing to let Mexico make a smaller contribution.

US government extends effort to protect Citgo against PdVSA creditors

17 April 2020

The US Treasury department renewed a measure designed to prevent creditors of Venezuela’s national oil company (NOC) PdVSA from laying claim to Citgo, the US-based refiner that is PdVSA’s most valuable foreign asset.

Pandemic reportedly delaying completion of Peregrino Platform C offshore Brazil

17 April 2020

Norway’s Equinor is reportedly experiencing delays as it attempts to install a third platform at the Peregrino field offshore Brazil.

BPTT says pandemic has not interrupted gas production

17 April 2020

BP Trinidad & Tobago (BPTT), the main supplier of natural gas to Trinidad and Tobago, claims that its operations have not been substantially affected by the coronavirus pandemic to date.

YPF authorised to set up 50:50 JV with Equinor for CAN-100

17 April 2020

Argentina’s government has authorised the national oil company (NOC) YPF to set up a joint venture with Norway’s Equinor for an offshore exploration project.

Lower fuel demand leads YPF to slash Vaca Muerta output

15 April 2020

YPF has cut oil production at fields in the Vaca Muerta shale formation, on the grounds that energy demand has fallen since the government imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Venezuela oil service firms eye looser restrictions on gasoline imports, sales

15 April 2020

Representatives of Venezuela’s private fuel supply companies are urging the government to loosen restrictions on the import and sale of gasoline.

Peru LNG reports exports up in March

13 April 2020

Peru LNG, the operator of a natural gas liquefaction plant and export terminal in Pampa Melchorita, saw export volumes increase year on year in February.

Ecuador suspends oil flows through two pipelines hit by landslide

13 April 2020

Ecuador has stopped operations in two oil pipeline systems following a landslide in the Amazon region last week, according to the country’s Hydrocarbons Ministry.

Guyana sees oil production reaching maximum but revenues dropping

13 April 2020

The government of Guyana has said that oil production is set to reach maximum levels of 120,000 barrels per day (bpd) next month as anticipated, but it has also warned that per-barrel revenues are set to decline.

US official says Rosneft may be able to avoid sanctions for Venezuelan operations

8 April 2020

A high-ranking US official says Washington is ready to lift sanctions on a subsidiary of Russia’s largest oil operator Rosneft, provided that the company can show that it is no longer doing business in Venezuela.

More gasoline and diesel going into storage facilities in Panama

8 April 2020

Panama appears to be turning into a popular destination for traders looking for places to store their excess supplies of petroleum products, especially low-sulphur motor fuels.

Apache reports another oil discovery offshore Suriname

8 April 2020

US-based Apache Corp. and its French partner Total have found oil again at Block 58, which lies offshore Suriname.

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