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LatAmOil: Chevron seeks new opportunities offshore Brazil

11 May 2022

Chevron is looking for openings to invest in major new projects in Brazil’s offshore zone, according to Mariano Vela, the US major’s country manager.

Russia gas flows to Europe via Ukraine disrupted by war for the first time

11 May 2022

Part of Russian natural gas transit flows to Europe via Ukraine were halted due to the war on May 11, sending European gas prices spiking.

EBRD 2022: Coal-dependent Kosovo prepares for leap to renewables

11 May 2022

Kosovo, which relies heavily on coal power generation, is preparing to leapfrog entirely over natural gas power, straight to renewable energy.

AfrOil: South Sudan plans slow-motion nationalisation of oil sector

10 May 2022

Awow Daniel Chuang, the undersecretary of South Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum, said on May 6 that Nilepet, the national oil company, had begun the process of taking over the projects now led by foreign investors.

AsianOil: Chinese yards to stop work on modules for Arctic LNG 2

10 May 2022

Chinese yards are reportedly set to halt work on modules for the Novatek-led Arctic LNG 2 project in Russia by the end of May.

Turkish scientists work on charging mobile phones using wearable organic solar cells

10 May 2022

Small panels weaved on to a shirt or coat could mean never having to bother with a charger.

NorthAmOil: Canada in talks on expediting East Coast LNG exports

10 May 2022

The Canadian government is in talks with the developers of two proposed LNG export terminals on Canada’s East Coast to see whether it can help expedite those projects, it emerged last week.

Bulgaria considers vetoing EU’s embargo on Russian oil imports

9 May 2022

Bulgaria want to delay implementation of the ban on Russian oil imports planned by the EU so that its sole refinery, Lukoil Bulgaria, gets time to adjust to process other type of oil.

GLNG: Mitsui writes down value of Russian LNG investments

8 May 2022

Japan’s Mitsui & Co. said this week that it had written down the value of its investments in two Russian LNG projects by a combined JPY80.6bn ($617mn).

Lithuania launches GIPL gas link with Poland

6 May 2022

The €500mn pipeline will enable the Baltic states and Finland to receive pipeline gas from Western Europe for the first time.

Hungarian government weighs alternatives to Russian energy

6 May 2022

The fundamental problem remains that the government has done little to lessen its dependence on Russian energy sources over the past 12 years; if anything, it has deepened its dependence.

Serbia to get Europe's largest agro-solar plant

5 May 2022

Fintel Energija and MK Group signed a memorandum of understanding with PowerChina on the €340mn Agrosolar project in Kula.

Hungary says it would veto EU’s Russian oil embargo in current form

5 May 2022

Budapest still blocking EU consensus despite being offered extension until end of 2023.

Czechs join Slovakia and Hungary in demanding exemption from EU embargo on Russian oil

5 May 2022

Heavily-dependent states will be allowed to buy Russian oil exports until the end of 2023, while other states have to cease crude deliveries in six months.

REM: Europe invested €41bn in new wind farms in 2021, says WindEurope

4 May 2022

Europe invested €41bn ($43bn) in 2021 in new wind farms, says WindEurope. But the market is only half the size it should be for Europe to reach its new climate change and energy security targets, says the trade group.

Europe proposes to ban all Russian oil imports by the end of the year

4 May 2022

The EU will sanction all Russian oil imports, both crude and refined and both oil delivered by ship and pipeline, but the ban will be “phased in in an orderly way,” EU President Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament on May 4.

Brussels proposes full ban on Russian oil

4 May 2022

In proposals for its sixth sanctions package, the European Commission will suggest a total ban on all Russian oil in addition to removing Russian broadcasters from the airwaves and disconnecting Russia's largest bank from SWIFT.