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Saneg leads drive for Uzbekistan's self-sufficiency in energy

17 January 2023

In November of this year, Uzbekistan's Sanoat Energetika Guruhi and its Ferghana Oil Refinery (FNPZ) began to operate under a single brand known as Saneg. Saneg is Uzbekistan's largest private oil and gas company.

Kazakhstan to send oil to Germany via Russian pipeline

17 January 2023

It plans to export 1.5mn tonnes of crude this way in 2023.

PANNIER: You won’t catch Turkmenistan putting all its eggs in one (Russian) basket

16 January 2023

Turkmen President Serdar Berdimuhamedov’s visit to Beijing may not have secured more gas sales, but it did serve to reaffirm ties with the country’s only stable major partner.

Uzbek president fires Tashkent mayor for ‘empty words’ as energy shortages hit city amid big freeze

16 January 2023

Jahangir Artykhodjayev reportedly detained at airport trying to leave country. Prosecutor General's Office ordered to examine officials’ lack of preparation for severe cold.

LatAmOil: Security threat leads Petrobras to ramps up security at refineries

16 January 2023

Brazil’s state-owned Petrobras ramped up security measures at refineries after learning of threats against its assets, company sources said on January 8.

AfrOil: Snam acquires 49.9% stake in Algeria-Italy gas pipelines from Eni

16 January 2023

The Italian natural gas grid operator Snam has acquired Eni’s 49.9% stake in companies operating two groups of gas pipelines between North Africa and Italy for €405mn ($435mn).

LONG READ: Putin has lost this winter gas battle, but another energy crisis is ahead

12 January 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin needed a very cold winter. He didn’t get it. As a result, Europe’s gas storage tanks are at record-high levels and the price of gas has crashed on the Dutch TTF exchange to below pre-war levels.

REM: American Hyperion Solar signs 1.65-GW deal with leading US utility

11 January 2023

American Hyperion Solar has signed a long-term supply contract for 1.65 GW of modules with a leading but unnamed US utility developer. It is a milestone for the rapid expansion of the Hyperion brand, owned by Chinese firm Runergy, in the US market.

Turkmenistan: Mister Berdimuhamedov goes to Beijing

11 January 2023

In a visit full of symbolism, Turkmenistan’s president won a lucrative promise from Xi Jinping. Eurasianet’s weekly briefing.

Central Asian rain may be caused by Indian, Chinese pollution

10 January 2023

New research suggests that pollution thousands of miles away may be responsible for unusually strong summer downpours in Central Asia.

bneGREEN: Japarov wants Kyrgyzstan’s $4.2bn external debt ploughed into building green economy

10 January 2023

President says countries and financial institutions from which Bishkek borrowed could participate in construction of hydropower plants in his country.

The looming fight over nuclear power in Kyrgyzstan

9 January 2023

Can safety protocols be maintained in a poor country like Kyrgyzstan, where corruption is rampant?

LatAmOil: Chevron prepares to resume Venezuelan oil exports

9 January 2023

The US oil company Chevron is reportedly preparing to resume shipments of Venezuelan crude oil after a hiatus of nearly four years.