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Turkey numb with shock as fears grow death toll from two earthquakes could climb past 20,000

7 February 2023

Thousands with homes reduced to rubble left stranded in the open in heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures.

EU and G7 agree on Russian petroleum product price caps

5 February 2023

The caps came into force on February 5, three months after a similar cap of $60 per barrel was introduced on Russian crude oil exports.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Taliban’s lousy power deals exposed as Uzbekistan pulls plug in deadly cold

3 February 2023

Partly thanks to infrastructure projects blown up by the militants while they were trying to turf out the US, Afghanistan is dependent on neighbours for 73% of its electricity.

Croatia to pay $235mn arbitration award to MOL

2 February 2023

Croatia will pay MOL $235mn after losing a series of arbitration and legal hearings over the 2009 deal that allowed MOL to obtain a dominant position in INA.

Bulgaria starts construction of gas link with Serbia

2 February 2023

New pipeline with capacity of up to 1.8 bcm a year will help increase energy security and diversify gas supplies in the region.

Russian gas pipe flow dips to record low in January

1 February 2023

Russian pipeline gas flowing to Europe dipped to a record low in January, down 30% compared with supplies in December, while experts warn that there could be significant further downside risk to the country’s deliveries.

Turkmenistan: A kick in the gas

1 February 2023

Moscow curries favour, neighbours seek more gas, and Turkmenistan’s colossal methane pollution could power Afghanistan at little cost many times over. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

West prepares to impose price caps on Russian petroleum products

31 January 2023

The price caps would work by barring Western insurance and shipping companies from insuring or carrying cargoes of Russian oil products unless they were bought at or below the caps, which will be imposed after February 5.

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