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21 May 2020

Bangladesh opens coal-fired Payra power plant

20 May 2020

Bangladesh has opened the first unit of the Chinese-built and financed 1,320-MW, coal-fired Payra thermal power plant

US bounds back to top of EY green index

20 May 2020

US bounces back to top of EY green index

Green energy shows resilience during global pandemic

20 May 2020

Global renewable energy installations are forecast to dip 13% to 167GW in 2020

17% daily emissions drop cannot hold back climate change

20 May 2020

The 17% emissions drop is unlikely to have a fundamental effect on future emissions levels, but new research could give government more insight into how to fight climate change

CIL seeks development partners for two CBM blocks

20 May 2020

State-run Coal India Ltd (CIL) has invited bids for two coal-bed methane (CBM) developments, opening the acreages to local and international players

Japan pushes forward with hydrogen stations

20 May 2020

Air Liquide Japan and Japan H2 Mobility (JHyM) have jointly opened a new hydrogen station in Kasugai Katsugawa, Aichi Prefecture