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17 June 2021

Toda leads group to win Japan’s first floating offshore wind auction

16 June 2021

A consortium of six companies led by Toda Corporation is to build a 16.8-MW floating wind project offshore Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, after winning the country’s first floating offshore wind auction.

G7 leaders’ green pledges are not enough to reach net zero

16 June 2021

Ending public coal power investment in 2021 must be just the first step in reducing the role of fossil fuels

China’s NDRC confirms end to some green subsidies

16 June 2021

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is planning to end subsidies for some new onshore wind projects, concentrated solar power (CSP) schemes and distributed solar PV projects for commercial use.

Mitsubishi Power signs service deals for Egyptian gas turbines

10 June 2021

Japan’s Mitsubishi Power has signed three 16-year long-term service agreements (LTSA) for six of its M701F gas turbines at Egypt’s Sidi Krir, El Atf and Cairo North GTCC plants.

US fails to persuade China to bring forward 2030 peak emissions goal

10 June 2021

The US government has tried to persuade China to bring forward its current 2030 target for peak CO2 emissions, Japanese media reported, although China has rebuffed the request.

China approves construction of ACP100 small modular reactor

10 June 2021

China's National Development and Reform Commission has approved plans to build the country’s first small modular reactor (SMR), known as ACP100.