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1 July 2021

US government bans some solar products from China due to alleged forced labour

30 June 2021

The Biden administration has banned products used in solar panels from a company in China’s Xinjiang region over allegations of forced labour. China has blasted the action and denied the slave labour charges.

ASIAELEC: Asia’s coal proposals could threaten Paris goals

30 June 2021

Coal is set to be more expensive than renewables, making green energy a better bet financially and environmentally.

MDB climate finance reaches $66bn in 2020

30 June 2021

Multilateral development banks (MDBs) provided $66bn of climate finance in 2020, up from $61.6bn in 2019.

Hydro’s elderly turbines need fresh investment to contribute to net zero

30 June 2021

Hydro needs new investment to replace elderly infrastructure and accelerate the road to net zero, the IEA says

China’s Hengtong delivers cabling to Vietnam’s Hiep Thanh and Tra Vinh V1-2 wind farm

30 June 2021

Chinese submarine cable manufacturer Hengtong has delivered the 35-kV cables and accessories for Vietnam’s Hiep Thanh and Tra Vinh V1-2 nearshore wind farms.

Three South Korean insurers to withdraw from new coal power projects

24 June 2021

Three major South Korean insurance companies are to stop providing cover for new coal power projects.