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5 November 2021

Coal dominates at COP26 as more countries join the clean transition

4 November 2021

Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam and a host of other major coal-burning countries made clear commitments to phase out coal power in the coming years, as the UK presidency of COP26 claimed that “the end of coal is in sight”.

UK supports Pakistan with $75mn to combat climate change

4 November 2021

The UK announced at COP26 more than GBP55mn ($75mn) of support to help Pakistan tackle climate change, as well as manage water more sustainably and unlock climate investment.

South Korea to end coal power by 2050

4 November 2021

South Korea aims to end coal-fired power generation by 2050, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said at the G20 meeting on October 31.

IEA aims to forge stronger global regulation of energy transition

4 November 2021

The International Energy Agency launched at COP26 a new Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator, which aims to improve the regulatory capacity needed to decarbonise energy systems and meet the 1.5°C targets.

AsiaElec: UK provides $150mn to support Green Finance in Asia

4 November 2021

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) unveiled at COP26 its Catalytic Green Finance Facility, which aims to increase access to finance for renewable energy, clean transportation and urban infrastructure projects in the region.

Climate Investment Funds issues new generation of green bonds worth $500mn

4 November 2021

The World Bank has backed the issue of $500mn of green bonds ever year for 10 years in a bid to raise private capital to scale up clean energy and sustainable infrastructure in emerging economies.

World finally commits to $100bn of climate finance for global south

4 November 2021

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak said at COP26 that the world’s rich nations would make good on their promise of $100bn per year of climate financing for poor countries by 2023.

COP26 finds renewed commitment to 1.5°C

3 November 2021

The US has joined the High Ambition Coalition and has signed up to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2100, halving global emissions by 2030 and making good on the promise of $100bn per year of climate finance for poor nations.

India sets 2070 target for net zero

2 November 2021

India's Prime Narendra Modi has told COP26 in Glasgow that India aims to reach net zero by 2070, by far the latest date yet set by any country.

Mixed outlook for COP26 as leaders embark on search for agreement

1 November 2021

COP26 is trying to put flesh on the bones of the targets and promises made at the 2015 Paris meeting.