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15 April 2022

War in Ukraine raises importance of renewables in biggest energy shock since 1973

13 April 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed energy security up to the top of the agenda, raising the importance of energy efficiency and faster renewable growth.

Green investment surges 50% since October

13 April 2022

Current post-COVID spending commitments on renewable energy by governments will keep the world on course for net zero by 2050, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said.

Global green growth reaches 9.1% in 2021

13 April 2022

Renewables now accounts for 38% of total power consumption and was the first choice for 81% of new capacity additions in 2021, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said in a recent statistical report.

Japan, South Korea and Vietnam face risky exposure to LNG markets

13 April 2022

Building a new generation of LNG import terminals and gas-fired generating stations would leave Japan, South Korea and Vietnam exposed to highly volatile gas prices and put up to $70bn of investment in danger. Renewables are a safer bet.

Rosatom installs turbogenerator stator at Bangladesh’s Rooppur NPP

13 April 2022

Rosatom has installed a turbogenerator stator at Unit I of the Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh.

Six companies partner on Singapore green e-methanol project

10 April 2022

Six companies have formed a partnership that will aim to establish the first green e-methanol plant in Asia.

Japan's Mitsui to invest in ReNew project

7 April 2022

Japan’s Mitsui & Co is to invest in ReNew Power round-the-clock (RTC) renewable and energy storage project in India.

China forges new hydrogen development plan

7 April 2022

China’s new national hydrogen development plan aims to produce the fuel from low-carbon sources, improve storage and transport, and diversify end uses, and has set a short-term green hydrogen production target of 200,000 tonnes per year by 2025.

Malaysia’s Edra Energy opens 2.2 GW of gas-fired capacity

7 April 2022

Malaysia’s Edra Energy has begun commercial power generation at its 2.2-GW Malacca gas-fired power plant, the country’s largest using three GE H-class turbines.