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20 May 2022

Chevron, ExxonMobil sign separate deals with Pertamina on low-carbon opportunities

14 May 2022

Super-majors Chevron and ExxonMobil said in separate announcements this week that they had signed agreements with state-owned Pertamina to explore low-carbon opportunities in Indonesia.

Work begins on dome for Unit 1 at Bangladesh’s Rooppur NPP

13 May 2022

At the construction site of the Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh work has begun on the pre-assembly of the outer containment dome at Unit 1.

India requires power plants burning imported coal to run at full capacity

13 May 2022

The Indian government has used powers under the Electricity Act to require all power plants reliant on imported coal to run at full capacity until October 31 in a bid to boost power generation capacity.

bneGREEN: Climate change, war in Ukraine and rising prices create perfect storm threatening global food security

13 May 2022

The war in Ukraine has interrupted grain exports from the country and could create a global food crisis as vulnerable wheat importing countries in Africa and the Middle East face shortages and rising prices.