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18 November 2022

Wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa records huge loss in fiscal year

16 November 2022

The world’s third largest wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa reported a net loss of €940mn ($973mn) in the 2022 fiscal year ended September 30.

Report – most nations behind on offshore wind goals

15 November 2022

A new report from Renewables Consulting Group (RCG) find that of the 15 countries with specified offshore wind goals for 2030, 80% will miss the mark. The report was released at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Uberwealthy are the worst climate criminals

12 November 2022

The investments of the world’s 125 wealthiest people produce the same amount of CO2 as the whole of France, while each of them emits a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person.