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12 January 2023

Patent data show shift to green hydrogen gaining momentum

11 January 2023

Global hydrogen production is set to become greener, with patent data suggesting a shift towards a new wave of innovation and scientific development in electrolysis technology.

Green transition is $10.3 trillion opportunity for the global economy by 2050, new report finds

11 January 2023

New green industries could be worth $10.3 trillion to the global economy by 2050, equivalent to 5.2% of global GDP that year, finds a new report by Arup and Oxford Economics.

China sets round-the-clock solar energy record

11 January 2023

China’s 100-MW Wulate trough concentrated solar power (CSP) project has set a new record for non-stop solar power generation by running continuously for 12 days,

Central Asian rain may be caused by Indian, Chinese pollution

10 January 2023

New research suggests that pollution thousands of miles away may be responsible for unusually strong summer downpours in Central Asia.

GUSTAFSON: Russian nuclear power – unsanctioned – is prospering worldwide

8 January 2023

As the Western nuclear industry flounders, Russia’s Rosatom is building nuclear power plants on time and under budget around the world, while selling uranium to the United States.