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4 July 2023

BESS presence in Asia offers a major step towards green transition

3 July 2023

Battery Energy Storage Systems – or BESS for short – could accelerate the energy transition. They can balance out the intermittency of renewable energy, support the grid infrastructure and reduce curtailments by holding excess supply.

Record-breaking offshore turbine installed in southern China waters

1 July 2023

Beijing-based wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind has released a statement saying that “on June 28, Goldwind successfully hoisted the GWH252-16-MW offshore wind turbine in Pingtan, China."

Bangladesh power woes to be eased as cross-border supplies inbound

1 July 2023

India’s Adani Power has started a cross-border supply of power from its Jharkhand power plant, west of the border with Bangladesh, as part of a long-term deal agreed with the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).

TotalEnergies partners with Petronas in Asia-Pacific on renewables

30 June 2023

Oil supermajor TotalEnergies of France has announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement with Gentari Renewables, the clean energy unit of the Petronas oil company of Malaysia.

Illegal mining deaths mar Indian efforts to cut back on coal developments

29 June 2023

Illegal mining has long been an issue ignored in the developing world, but in recent months it has become a problem the authorities in India are starting to take more seriously.

20-MW wave-tech project coming to Taiwan via Swedish-Israeli JV

29 June 2023

A Swedish-Israeli firm, Eco Wave Power (EWP), has agreed to enter into negotiations with authorities in Taiwan, with the end goal being the development of introducing wave technology to the country.

Wood Mackenzie: US, Japan will struggle to hit ambitious hydrogen targets

28 June 2023

The US and Japan will struggle to hit their respective ambitious hydrogen targets. That is because continued high production costs and a lack of infrastructure will test recently published strategies in both countries, said the consultancy.

India gets cosy with the US on nuclear power use, future NSG membership

28 June 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and President Joe Biden of the US reiterated both nations’ commitment to nuclear power as a key resource in meeting energy needs and the green transition.