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11 July 2023

Myanmar’s nuclear ambitions edge closer with Russian help

10 July 2023

At a first official meeting of a committee created to work towards the ‘Intergovernmental Agreement between Russia and Myanmar’, discussions reportedly centred on how and where to construct a first ever nuclear power plant for the country.

Floating solar catches on

10 July 2023

Floating solar, possibly a solution to land constraints for renewable energy, is catching on. Asia-Pacific leads the demand.

India aims to produce the lowest priced green hydrogen in the world

10 July 2023

The minister said: “our cost of setting up renewable energy capacity is the lowest in the world. It stands at $600,000 per MW; therefore our green hydrogen cost will be the lowest in the world.”

Itochu, Tokyo Gas eyed Japanese offshore wind auction – report

5 July 2023

The trading house Itochu and major utility Tokyo Gas are among about 20 companies that considered joining the second round of public auctions for offshore wind power projects in Japan, reported Nikkei.

Borneo 400-MW floating PV-hydropower link attracts attention

4 July 2023

The Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, 700 km east of the main Malay peninsula, has been selected as the location for a 400-MW floating solar project.

Japanese ups and downs with renewables just need a bit of TLC

4 July 2023

For much of the past decade and more Japan has been a land of ups and downs in terms of its relationship with renewable energy.

China poised to double wind, solar five years ahead of 2030 target

4 July 2023

China is on track to double its utility-scale solar and wind power capacity and shatter the central government’s ambitious 2030 target of 1,200 GW five years ahead of schedule, according to a new report from Global Energy Monitor.