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12 September 2023

Indonesian move to label some TPPs as ‘sustainable’ sparks criticism

11 September 2023

Indonesia's recent decision to classify coal-fired power plants (TPPs) that operate outside power-supply chains and only serve the industrial sector as sustainable has ignited a wave of criticism from energy and finance experts.

Russia woos Bangladesh with nuclear fuel

10 September 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was wooing Bangladesh with a visit to Dhaka on September 7 as Moscow seeks to strengthen its relationships in SE Asia following its invasion of Ukraine last year.

Indonesia needs $172bn investment in renewables, grid, says state utility

10 September 2023

Indonesia’s state utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) will need as much as $172bn of investment in renewable energy projects and grid upgrades if it is to add 60 GW of renewables capacity by 2040, a director has told an industry event.

Battery technology breakthrough as aluminium may outperform lithium-Ion

10 September 2023

In the quest for superior energy storage solutions, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have made significant strides by harnessing the power of aluminium foil.

Filipino-Singaporean JV looks at Taiwan renewables investment

10 September 2023

In a move aimed at expanding its international footprint, ACEN Corp., the energy platform within the Philippines’ Ayala Group, has unveiled plans to venture into Taiwan's renewable energy sector.

Bangladesh group to invest $3bn in clean energy across South Asia

10 September 2023

Bangladesh's Summit Group, a leading player in the subcontinent’s energy sector, has unveiled plans to channel $3bn into solar, wind and hydroelectricity projects throughout South Asia.

Indonesia's Jawa 9&10 Power Plant to pioneer green ammonia-hydrogen hybrid

8 September 2023

The Jawa 9&10 Power Plant in Indonesia is set to become the world's first hybrid power plant to use green ammonia and hydrogen in its production process, Republika reported.

Record-high 4 GW of rooftop solar capacity set to come in India in fiscal year 2024

6 September 2023

India’s rooftop solar market is likely to add a record-high 4 GW of capacity in fiscal year 2024, according to a new joint report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and JMK Research & Analytics.

Japanese wind chief quits over bribery allegation

6 September 2023

The former president of a wind power company at the centre of a bribery probe has admitted to providing funds to a House of Representatives member, Masatoshi Akimoto, to "reward" him for questioning and interventions in parliament.

Hong Kong's V-Power shuts four Myanmar gas-fired projects

6 September 2023

Hong Kong-based V-Power Company has announced the discontinuation of four of its five gas-fired power generation projects in Myanmar due to financial losses, according to a recent financial report.

Indonesia's state-owned Pertamina reveals its geothermal energy plan at ASEAN Summit

6 September 2023

During the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific Forum (AIPF), Indonesia's state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina (Persero) outlined its plans for geothermal development in Indonesia.