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7 May 2024

Taiwan contemplates hydrogen future amid renewable energy challenges

6 May 2024

Taiwan is deliberating its role in the prospective hydrogen economy while grappling with hurdles in renewable energy sourcing

Indonesia's energy transition programme is a 25-year, $85bn endeavour

6 May 2024

Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, unveiled the status of Indonesia's energy transition programme, marking the longest and most extensive project in the nation's history

Malaysia's looming energy dilemma of overdependence on imported gas threatens future sustainability

6 May 2024

Malaysia stands at a critical juncture in its energy landscape, with Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli warning of dire consequences if the nation fails to expedite its transition towards sustainable energy sources

Indonesia explores bioethanol cooperation with Brazil to advance renewable energy goals

6 May 2024

PT Pertamina New & Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Indonesia's state energy company PT Pertamina, is forging communication channels with Brazil to foster cooperation in bioethanol development

Australia grants first offshore licences, developers eye 12-GW+ capacity

5 May 2024

Australia has taken a significant step in its renewable energy ambitions by awarding the first feasibility licences for offshore wind projects, with six wind farms slated for construction offshore Gippsland in Victoria.

Bangladesh to raise electricity prices as it withdraws subsidies on IMF recommendation

3 May 2024

The Government of Bangladesh plans to increase the price of electricity at least four times each year for the next three years. The plan for price increases are based on the recommendations made by the International Monetary Fund.

Thailand eyes clean energy future with floating nuclear power barge

3 May 2024

Thailand's ambitions for a net-zero future took a step forward with Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of the PTT Group, signing a memorandum of understanding with Danish firm Seaborg Technologies ApS.

India's coal sector surges in March to meet unprecedented power demands and avoid blackouts

2 May 2024

India’s domestic coal production hit an all-time high of 117mn tonnes in March, up from 108mn in 2023 and 96mn in 2022.

Thailand sets new peak electricity demand record amid scorching heatwave

2 May 2024

Thailand's power grid faced unprecedented strain over the weekend as scorching temperatures fueled a surge in electricity consumption.

Thailand cancels B10 biodiesel, streamlines diesel options

2 May 2024

Effective May 1, 2024, Thailand is simplifying its diesel fuel options by cancelling the B10 blend and standardising on two grades: B7 and B20

State electricity company PLN collaborates with Bank Indonesia to utilise waste currency paper for power plants

2 May 2024

In an innovative partnership, PT PLN Regional Office West Nusa Tenggara is collaborating with the Bank Indonesia Representative Office in the NTB Province to utilise waste currency paper as a co-firing mixture material

How well thought-out is a US ban on LNG exports to China?

1 May 2024

In a recent analysis it was speculated that a recent understated move by the US Department of Energy could signify a significant shift in American policy regarding trade, energy, and its relationship with China.

ACWA Power's $10bn investment paves the way for renewable energy development in Malaysia

1 May 2024

Saudi Arabia's utility giant, ACWA Power, has unveiled plans to invest $10bn in Malaysia over the next decade, focusing on the development of renewable energy initiatives

China has “enormous” green energy shift but fossil fuels persist, says DNV

30 April 2024

China is a green energy leader, with an unrivalled build out of renewable energy and export of renewable technology, says a new report by global consultancy DNV.

Malaysia pursues collaborative renewable energy ventures with Gulf partners

30 April 2024

Malaysia is actively seeking partnerships with Gulf-based companies to bolster its renewable energy initiatives, as Tengku Zafrul Aziz, the country's Minister of Investment, highlighted during discussions at the World Economic Forum meeting in Riyadh