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14 July 2022

Ukraine wants to increase electricity export capacity to 6 GW

12 July 2022

Ukraine’s Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko says that the country aims to increase its electricity export capacity to Europe to 6 GW, Ukraine Business News reported on July 11.

How many days of gas consumption are in Europe’s storage tanks?

10 July 2022

If the Russians turned off gas supplies to Europe today, how many days of gas are currently in the storage tanks?

Russia sanctions complicate Uzbek energy sector overhaul

10 July 2022

Western sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine are holding up investments in energy projects in double-landlocked Uzbekistan.

The European Union needs to cut demand by 15% to cope with Russian gas cuts

9 July 2022

Without Russian gas, the European Union would have to reduce demand by approximately 15%, with big differences between different parts of Europe.

The need for nuclear in the energy transition

9 July 2022

Nuclear is set to make a "comeback," with capacity forecast to double between 2020 and 2050 from 413 GW to 812 GW, the IEA said.

RADIOACTIVE: Central Europe remains highly exposed to Russian uranium

8 July 2022

Europe’s nuclear power sector is starting to worry about its fuel stocks as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is calling into question the security of uranium supplies and processing services provided by Russia.